Dynaudio Upgrade?

A few months ago, I purchased the Dynaudio Contour 1.8MKII. After living with Martin Logans(too fat) and Von Schweikert VR4Genii (too lean and bright), I really love these speakers for the smooth highs and fantastic imaging. However, they are a bit heavy in the bass. I am wondering if an upgrade to the 3.0 or 3.3 would improve matters or make them worse. Am using the Krell 300i,
Contour 3.0 or 3.3 requires higher current power amp to run best performance. Krell 300i wont be the capable one. In fact, even 1.8MKII, I think 300i is not capable too.

Gryphon Callisto 2200 may be a good choice for clear and punchy bass whereas mid and high not too bright.
New Contour line is coming, you might want to wait and hear them first which are "revolutionary" instead of "evolutionary" according to Al Philippele of Dynaudio marketing director. They do look different, they have tweeters at the bottom like the old Confidence and Consequence. They incoporated Esotar2 technology in the tweeters, so that should be a good thing.
I own the 1.8mkII also. I too have found that the bass can be a little heavy, but if you can pull them away from the walls(side and rear), this effect can be completely eliminated(at least in my room). I would try moving them around just to see the difference, they really rewarded me with very flat response top to bottom. The more I pulled them away from the walls the better they worked. I can give you measurements if you want, email me. Also, if they still don't sound the way you would like them to, I would play with some room dampening technics. If you have hardwood floors, try an area carpet. I use homemade bass tubes in the corners and on the sides as well as a few house plants and fake ficus trees behind each speaker. I have thought about replacing my Contours recently, but I am playing around with power,speaker,IC cables first. It will probably take me a good 6 months to settle on a set. I believe the 1.8's are the best value in the Dyn line. I found that they are more natural and less hifi sounding then either the 3.0 or 3.3. I have not heard the new contour line yet, they may be better, but I do not like the looks at all. To each his own.
The 3.0 has alot more bass than the 1.8, and is far superior to the 1.8 in overall tonal coherancy. What you might do is get a pair of 1.3SEs. I find them superior to the 1.8s in just about every way. They don't have quite the bass of the 1.8s, but the mids and highs are far better and may fix your problem.