Dynaudio Stand 6 and Contour 1.4' installation

I just got mounting plates for my Contour S1.4's and the Stand 6. The holes don't seem to allow me screwing the Allen bolts into the mounting plates. My dealer says I should be using the provided screws to screw into the base. Should I be drilling into the speaker base? Anyone with experience on this?
Yes, the speakers have allen bolts in the base. I had thought these would align with the holes on the mounting plates... they do not. some screws were provided... I mean I am sure I could either get a machine shop to drill through the mounting plater, but I would have thought this would be easier.
I'm not clear on something. There's the speaker itself. Then, at the bottom of the speaker is a wood base. Are you trying to attach the wood base to the bottom of the speaker, or are you trying to attach the top metal plate of the stand to the bottom of the speaker? And when I say the bottom of the speaker, I mean the speaker with the wood base already connected to the speaker.
NO, do not drill holes into the speaker. That is absolutely NOT necessary. You are simply confused about how the stand works. You have put something together wrong. The Dyn stands are very complex to assemble. You've obviously made a mistake somewhere. Trust me, when assembled properly the stand will bolt to the speakers via the provided hardware. Can you take it all to the dealer?
The stand 6 requires an adapter plate to connect to the s1.4. Dynaudio sells the special adapter plate. Contact a dynaudio dealer or contact dynaudio USA directly.

What's so complex about the Dynaudio Stand 6? The instructions are pretty clear and straightforward. That doesn't mean the OP couldn't have made some type of mistake, but I just don't see the complexity.


I think I know what the problem is, but I can't say until I you give me an answer to my last post.
The holes on the adapter plate do not match up with the holes in the speaker base.
You should have 2 sets of spikes that came with the Stand 6. The bigger ones go on the on the bottom of the stand by the floor. The smaller spikes go in the top plate. Thread them into the top plate so that they are pointing up. The speaker sits on the spikes and don't get bolted to the stand.