Dynaudio Special 40 vs Focal 1008 be vs Other

My budget is around $3k, looking for a new set of bookshelf speakers (would consider gently used). Small to medium room (850 sqft apartment). I currently have the Cambridge Audio 851N/851W combo along with two REL T5i subs. Mostly music but some movies. Looking for something that looks good and sounds good, I listen to all types of music from electronic to classical. I have not auditioned either yet but have always been a Focal fan so I have a little bias going in. Just curious as to which you would recommend or perhaps other speakers I should consider in that price range (please no big ugly boxes, wife must approve). I plan to start auditioning in a few weeks. Many thanks!
Greetings tmm808,

I owned the Focal 807W. I now have the Special 40's. The Dynaudios throw a much bigger soundstage, have better bass too. I too looked at the same comparison for upgrade.

The 807W's were a step down from the 1008's so no direct comparison for you, but still Focal house sound. The Focal stands for the 807's were just ok, nothing special, fragile.

One thing I love about the 40's is the availability of the stand 6 which is a perfect compliment sonically and visually. Several online Dynaudio sellers have the 40's with the stand 6 for $2999.

If you buy your 1008's from music direct, you can return them if you are not satisfied. You will have to pay return shipping which will be expensive. There is a lot of positive reviews on Focals with their Beryllium tweeter, but none that I have seen on the 1008.
Good luck and keep us posted on which way you are going! 
I owned the Focal 1008be for a brief period... kept them for a couple of weeks and ran them 24/7 but they were like icepicks stabbing my ears. I know for a fact it wasn't my gear that affected the sound. Easily the least enjoyable speaker I have yet to hear. I know there are people who love the electra series but man oh man did they not agree with me. My vote would be for the Dynaudio Special 40's... I am actually looking at picking up a pair of them soon.