Dynaudio Special 40's or Aerial 5T's

Looking at monitor/bookshelf speakers. Pretty much have it down to the Specials 40’s and 5T’s. Appreciate hearing from anyone who has heard both . . . or either. Will run them with Exogal equipment - the Comet/Ion "Super DAC" combo. Room is 17'7" by 13'3". Speakers will be along the 17 foot wall. Not looking for loud music nowadays . . . pretty eclectic tastes but the speakers must do well with the human voice and provide clean accurate detail. Of course, ability to image and disappear a must - they are monitors after all :) A great midrange a must - if they have a "leaning" prefer warmer sounding. Many thanks.
I have lived with Dynaudio Excite X14's for a year and a half..In the last couple months I have demo'd EVERYTHING(no Fritz or Ref.3A) in a monitor available around the $2000.00+ mark including Boxer II,Ryan R610,Harbeth C7ES3,Haydn Grand & the Veneer 1.5/2,0...
 IMO Dynaudio makes the best speakers available at EVERY price point!!!
I'm moving up to Excite X18's & would get the S40's but they are just a touch too big for my needs...Oh & they sound amazing with tubes!!!
I have to agree with the above poster having owned many dyn speakers over the years.Plus they have a terrific resale value. 
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I purchased a pair of Special 40s for my living room which is roughly the same dimensions as your room. These monitors do everything well. They excel with all genres of music. Fit and finish is exceptional. I liked them enough to buy a second pair for my downstairs listening room which is twice the size of my living room and still do not feel the need for a sub, even at loud listening levels. You really can't go wrong with these speakers.
Thanks for the feedback. Anyone heard both of these monitors? All things being equal I'm leaning toward the Special 40's . . . less money and the gray finish is perfect for the house's decor . . . as in WAF.