Dynaudio Special 40 in the house

I just bought a used mint pair of Dynaudio Special 40 to try. I could not resist as I got a good price, and always wanted to try a pair of these. 

Fun little monitors. That 28 mm soft dome tweeter ( Esotar) is impressive. Smooth and resolute. ( it plays down to 1000 hz, strong neodymium magnet behind a 28 mm dome) I can say it is one on the best soft domes outhere, along with the Scanspeak ring dome one used on Wilson speakers. 

 Magico , B&W , beryllium and diamond tweets are probably a bit better. But still, very impressive how engineers have come to make such good sounding soft domes tweets these days.

Generally, the 40s pros:
- Smooth, resolution, good rythm, good dispersion, superb finish and lacker.

- Sometimes a bit laidback and more bite would be appreciated. Not the last word in bass extension, and articulation...Cabinet can resonate a bit sometimes.

Opinions ?
The special 40 is supposed to have the most advanced tweeter they have right now until the new Confidence line comes out. Dynaudio has said it has a lot of the technologies in the esotar3. So I’m not surprised it sounds very smooth.
@techno_dude, Congratulations on your new acquisition.What is your amplification and source?
Source and preamp, McIntosh C47. Amp, Luxman M900u.
@techno_dude,That is an impressive amp. I have heard these speakers with Moon preamp/amp and they sounded pretty impressive with a great midrange. These are some nice loudspeakers. Have fun!

@techno_dude I have Special 40s as well--I love them!! I have a Marantz PM8006 integrated amp (using as a preamp) and a Bel Canto REF500S amp. I'm going to upgrade my preamp soon and was wondering about the C47 and Bel Canto combo. I'm really impressed with the flexibility of the C47---my other preamp possibility is the Rogue Audio RP-5. But the RP-5 is not balanced. Thoughts?