Dynaudio Special 25 vs Sonus Faber Extrema

I need to replace my JM Lab Mezzo Utopia speakers with something a little smaller but I don't want to go all the way to a small standmount - the two listed above have reasonably deep bass for their size. My room is 23 x 12 x 11ft, firing across the 12ft dimension (unavoidable). Rest of the system is:

Sony SCD-777es (transport)
dCS Purcell/Elgar (dac and volume control)
Pass Labs X600
Mezzo Utopia

Any thoughts on these, or any other suggestions?

Many thanks,

I have owned many Sonus Faber (including Extrema) and Dynaudio Confidence 5 in the past. Very different speakers, as anyone would guess. SF is more musical and warmer sounding, Dyn on the other hand is more detail and truer to the recording even though they share the same tweeters. Both love power which you don't have an issue. But placing close to back wall, very far apart, and capable of playing loud seem to all favor Extrema. But Extrema will be more difficult to integrate subs because of the design, so you need to take that into consideration.

I doubt there is a big sound difference between Esotar and Esotar 2, so Extrema should still be competitive in sound and definitely a much much better looking speaker than Special 25.
I just purchased a pair of special 25's and love them. My room is of similar size to yours. I am driving them with Classe' power amp with great results.
I'v not heard the Dynaudio Special 25, but i'm very familiar with the Sonus Faber Extremas.
My friend is using them on Meridian 557 amps bridged.
The Extremas need power. Your amps will definitely power them nicely.
The Extremas make anything else I ever listened to pale into the far distance. They sound so rich and transparent with soundstaging that is so holographic. The Treble and bass are perfect. The Skaaning woofer on the Extremas is amazing. Its much better the the current Skaaning woofer on the Rockport and Verity speakers. The Skaaning on the Extremas is a carbon Fiber Polypropelene woofer, while the Skaaning on the Verity and Rockport speakers is a Polypropelene woofer.