dynaudio speakers S 5.4

Looking for any opinions on compatiblity with the following Amps:
I have a Canary 306 stereo amp with 4 300B tubes- push/ pull. Power rating is 24 rms
Speaker specs: 4 ohms...89db...
I also have Lector 200 hybrid amp @ 100 rms
opinions please
Dyns love power and I would go with the Lector with the choice of those 2. Otherwise I would look for something with about 200w @ 4 ohms
Conventional wisdom would point you to the Lector amp. I don't think a 24 wpc tube amp would be able to do the woofers on the S5.4's justice. I've always been intrigued to try a tube amp with my Dyn's but am too content with my current solid state amp to gamble.

Keep me posted if the Canary tube amp ends up working out for you with S5.4's.
at least 200w/ch into 4ohms. I'd go solid state or hybrid.

I brought my Pass X250.5 to my friend's place to listen to his 5.4s with it and it was an amazing combo. Really nice. Detailed, dynamic and excellent bass definition.
If Lector's amps are as good as their digital source gear, you'll be very happy.