Dynaudio speaker stands 4 or 6?

I'm looking for speaker stands for my Casta Acoustics model A and have been looking at the dynaudio 4 or 6 models to mate with them. Does anybody have any experience with either of these models and of the two which would work better with my speakers sonically and visually. My speakers colour is a dark chocolate brown with a dark-black grain and a gloss finish. Bottom dimensions are 9.5inches wide by 10 deep, weight is aprox 25lbs. Thx in advance.
I have stands 4 in chrome finish, which match nicely with the furniture (with chrome feet). However, as seen from their website - http://www.dynaudio.com/int/home_loudspeaker_systems/accessories/accessories.php - chrome finish is no longer available. Check the informations (dimensions, finishes) on their stands (models 3X, 4 and 6) and consider what would suit you best.
P.S. I filled the stands with steel fillings.
I'm not familiar with your speaker but I do have the Stand4 for my Dyn C1 sig's in mocha. Because of that I don't use the top plate. The tubes bolt directly to the bottom of the C1's. Just looked at Dynaudio's web site because I never had heard of the Stand6. Looks like the only difference is the Stand6 uses aluminum posts instead of steel and come in some new colors (gloss black and white). When I got my sig's I was able to find the stand4 in black/chrome which looks killer. Unfortunately those black/chrome have been discontinued for a couple years now.
@Xti16, thx for the help, yes I noticed the gloss black stand 4's in picks and I'd hoped to find a pair to match my Casta's in chocolate grain gloss. If not I will go with just the black. How much do they weigh and have you filled them with any sand or lead shot?
It's the Stand6 that comes in gloss black. The stand4 that were black/chrome are chrome tubes with gloss black base. I can't find the weight on the stand4 but I thought I read the stand6 is 17 - 18 lbs. I fill only the rear post about 2/3 with sand. Gives me a tighter bass - more forward mids and highs. Hard to describe but a cleaner sound.

If you can find the black/chrome Stand4 figure $800 - $900. I paid 850 for mine when I bought the C1 signatures
I am going to try for the black/chrome stand. If I can't find them I will just order the regular black finish.
@Amater, I do like the gloss black better as only offered in the Stand 6 model but the stand 4 looks more solid, two posts can be filled, an inch or so taller and more weight for under my Casta speakers will be sonically usefull...Also the top plate on the Stand 4 is bigger than the 6 model as my speaker is 9.5 wide by 10 deep. Better suited...

PS. If anyone reading is thinking of selling a pair of Stand 4's in the discontinued gloss back name your price....THX
Bacardi The Stand4 came in silver or black powder coat finish. They also had an optional chrome/black stand that was discontinued a couple of years ago. The Stand6 comes in gloss black or white with I believe is the standard powder coat too.

Are you looking for gloss black (Stand6) or chrome (Stand4)? I ask because I may know where there MAY be a chrome pair.
And don't forget to fill it with sand or kitty litter.
@Xti16, I appreciate your help as I followed through with contacting Tyler at Next Level Audio but I wasn't prepared to pay full price + shipping for an opened box of gathered parts from others sets of black chrome stand 4's which he stated had small scuffs and marks here and there. Just bad business if you ask me, discontinued or not...I dont need the colour that badly for that price and condition. Speaking with Mike at Dynaudio co. we talked about the new stand 6's which are engineered better than the 4's with a better design and with gloss black. I will go with the stand 6's, definitely.
Bacardi Those black/chrome stands have been discontinued for about 3 years and unless a dealer has them in stock you won't find new ones. BTW what is the list price on the stand6?
Xti16, the list price is $600.00. In regards to the black chrome, the ones Tyler had should be discounted if open -box and scuffed and marked up and not designated for full price. Really...

Anyhow , the stand 6's will be gloss black and I like the look better and to Mike are sonically engineered better. The stand 4's emitted a ring to them within the stand and that was eliminated with the stand 6.
Thanks for the update. As far as the black/chrome it amazes me how many pictures of those I see with the Dynaudio signatures. Your the second person I've met that likes the black/chrome combo in the last 2 months. I'm curious about the ring. Is that something that could be eliminated by adding sand the the posts (my rear post is 3/4 full of dry sand and also helps balance the speaker when picked up at the center of the C1's)? Also which stand weighs more?

Anyhow the black gloss should look killer.
@Xti16. I would maybe contact Mike at Dynaudio US about the ringing. He is the man for that stuff. The Stand 6 is on the website and the top plate is a little smaller than the Stand 4 and its weight is at 18.7 lbs. Mike stated to me heavier is not neccessarily better sonically.
Go for the cheapest ones and then buy Track Audio isolation feet; you'll have the best stands ever.