Dynaudio S5.4 vs B&W 802

Being an audioholic. I can't resist the drive to upgrading . I listened to the contour S5.4 today and was very impressed. Great soundstaging, details, dynamics and no hint of brightness. Electronics were ML 436, Audioresearch LS 25MK2 and Wadia 301. I prefer the S5.4 to the C2, S3.4 & the special 25. There were lots of similarities betw. S25 and my B&W signature 805s. I felt that S25 and C2 were marginally thinner sounding perhaps due to the relative lack of bass. This was probably exacerbated by a 20 x 30 ft rm. Overall the S5.4 was the most balanced.

I've thoroughly enjoyed my Sig 805s for its many attributes. What they miss is the sense of scale that only large floorstanders can muster. I felt 801s were too base strong and I was planning to upgrade to the 802s.

Now I'm torn.
Any help is appreciated.

Ayre CX-7
Sony 999ES
Cary SLP 308 pre-amp
Audio research VS110
(Bryston 4BSST or Musical Fidelity 308CR planned)
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You may better choose Contour S5.4. I think Bryston 4BSST and MF may not have good power to drive N802
Thanks for responding Lafish. What would be the minimum to drive the N802s?
My experience that you need a lot of juice to tighten up the bottom end of the 802N.

You may also want to consider some used Dynaudio Confidence C5's. Very very nice.

Hope this helps.
If you like the S5.4's then you will absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Dali Euphonia MS4's. I was a die hard Dyn fan (and still am at heart) until I got my latest venture in the way of the Dali Euphonia's. Soundstage and depth like I have never heard. Email me and I will give you the scoop.

Good Listening,