Dynaudio S5.4 and ML No.436?

I got my Dyaudio S5.4 a week ago, use a Pass X350 now, think to get a pair of ML No.436, how do other members think? are they better match than X350? or other amps? I like a little laid back and slightly warmer sounding, thanks!
I'd review speaker placement before changing amps (the 350X is a good amp).
If you feel that the music is "forward" you may have peaks in 2kHz upwards region due to early room reflections.
Try taming 1st reflections & see what happens.
I agree with Gregm. I also don't think ML is the way to go for warmer sound. I'd recommend trying Classe, Rowland, BAT, or McCormack. All will be warmer than ML.
I wouldn't do anything until the speakers are broken in. It can take up to 200 hours before they sound their best. I'm running mine with a pair of Pass Labs Aleph 1.2's and there is no hint of brightness. I don't think the amp is the problem. It may be the room or it may be your source components, preamp, or your cables. I would give it some more time before I do anything. As I said before I don't think the amp is the problem.
What were your speakers before you got the Dynaudios?
Thanks for the inputs, X350 is a good amp, but I like a little fast sounding than it, very detail without forward and bright, maybe a little warm side of neutral, how does ML 436 compare to X350? I used to have Dynaudio 3.3, the S5.4 are more detail than 3.3.
You might want to look at an Edge amp.
What about the cyrus 8?
Hmmm... I was using a X250 with my Con. 5's and found the combination very forward in my smallish listening room. The 5's are very precise and the Pass seemed to exacerbate this. Additionally he X250 didn't have the headroom for the very inefficient 5's. I switched to a pair of ML 436's and have been quite pleased. I would describe the sound as "holistic" and very integrated (row 7 or so).
Associated equip: X1 pre, 360s & 37 combo.
Plinius and Krell often come up with Dyns...