Dynaudio's new Focus speakers

Hi, anyone have or heard these and can compare to Audience and Contour bookshelfs? thanks
I would be interested as well
I have the Audience, Focus, and Contour monitors in our showroom. I can honestly say I am impressed by the new Focus line in every way. Reminds me of the older Contours, but with a nicer finish.

The Focus 140 is equally as good as the now discontinued Contour 1.3SE. Maybe a tad shy of the Contour S1.4, but not by much.

I recommend the Focus 140 in Rosewood....One word, Stunning!

In what way are they shy of the Contour S1.4's. I am currently downsizing my system. I have a pair of S3.4's that I am selling and looking at the Focus 140's
Going from the S3.4 to the Focus 140, you will feel a loss of pressance. The large floorstander will play much lower than the Focus monitor. If you do not use a sub currently, you might find you'll need one with the Focus 140. That's not so much the case for the S1.4, though.

The S1.4 is a great speaker and the Focus is a very good speaker IMO. The refinement in the upper frequencies is very much the same between these two. However, the S1.4 will play a little lower. Both play loud and clean, though.

If I were to go with the Focus 140 I would match the Focus 140 with the Dyn Sub 250.....very nice!

One of the best combos IMO is the S1.4 and the Dyn Sub 500. The S3.4 is no match by itself against this combo.

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I recently purchased the 140's in rosewood. I am using Dynaudio Stand 4's, along with a Musical Fidelity a3.2 integrated and REL Strata III sub. In my 18x12x8 room it all sounds and looks great.