Dynaudio, ProAc, Totem???

Any thoughts on what would be the best monitor for a small room; Dynaudio Contour 1.3, ProAc 1SC or Totem Model One Signature
These three models all have different sound qualities. Choosing the best one would depend upon your taste of sound quality and the equipment you will be using with the speakers.
Agree exactly with Wenterprisesnw. Need to know what you'll be driving them with(knowing the front end, while not necessary, wouldn't hurt), what type of music you like, how loud you like(need) it, and anything else you're willing to share(of relevance). Preamp/amp question is the most important though.
I have heard all 3 they have their strong points after extended listing i bought the Coincident Triumph.It walks all over them.1099.00 new used 600/700.
I would be driving the speakers with a McCormack DNA-0.5 ran directly froma Wadia 850 via Nordost cables. Mostly listen to jazz, rock, acoustic, blues, etc. Remember I have a very smal roon 12L x 10W. Thanks...John
BUY the Dynaudio speakers. They are kind of narrow in what can be used with them, to make them perform at their best. But, you have it. I also am a proponent of Coincident speakers, as my main speakers are their Digital Master w/Troubass subs(like WATT/Puppies, for tube freaks). But in this case, I have to go with the Contour 1.3.
I have heard Totem One's mated very successfully with McCormack amps. I love the way the Totems sound, but do not have much experience with the other speakers. From what I have read though, they are all comparable speakers and individual taste should be the determining factor, not the consensus from this site.
For you gentleman that have heard these speakers, can you comment, from your listening experience, as per distance from the back wall(behind the speaker) the differing models truly require? And how about Joseph Audio RM7si? Those of us with small rooms sure need to back 'em up if we can! Thanks.
I would also suggest the Merlin TSM-SE as another fine minimonitor to audition. Works well with tubes (87db/8ohm) but also shines with high quality solid state like Simaudio. Sounds better than the Contour 1.3s with the 70Wpc from my Sim I-5. The Contours need more power to really sing. Check out the reviews at www.merlinmusic.com
If you don't have the power amp sufficent I would stay away from the Totem and much more for the Dynaudio. I have owned two of the above: Totem and Dynaudio and have heard of the Proac. The Dynaudio Contour 1.1 is a great speaker, just mandatory to have a big power to get the most out of it. I use a Plinius 8150i and it can make use of its power. The Totem1 while not as power hungry as the Dyna are great also, but a bit bright and splashy for my taste. The Proac must be used with tube gears, otherwise too bright. I'm looking forward to my Merlin which will arrive this week. Will post more on that. ANother speaker worth considering is the Vienna Acoustics Haydn. Heard great things about it and doesn;t require a fortune with partnering equipment. Another great combo is a Audio Analogue Puccini with the SOnus Faber Concertino. Good luck
Hey John now that you have pumped everyone on earth for info. (including myself fiening interest in my Signums and asking every conceivable set-up question) Did you pay your local dealer full price for the ONE SC'S?
Wow Mar00, Sounds to me that you are upset since you have not sold your Signum's yet. I sent you back an email stating that I was not going to purchase them and if you remember correctly I never told you that I was going to buy them in the first place. Since when is it a crime to seek out as much informatiom as possible prior to a purchase. Isn't this the reason for threads? Get over it...
I have the Aerial 5 speakers, and I have been wondering how they compare to the Dynaudio, ProAc and Totem. The Aerial 5 are fairly inefficient (85db), and I am running them with a Jeff Rowland Model 2. I was thinking of looking for a more efficient speaker. The Dynaudio is a bit more efficient at 86db (but not a lot). Any suggestions? (Sorry to tag onto another user's thread, but the three speakers under discussion are three of the speakers I have been curious about.)
I don't have any insight on the ProAc or Totem speakers, just a big thumbs up on the Dynaudio monitors if you have the juice to drive them. You need a couple feet behind them minimum, and you need good power behind them, even at low levels. I listen to mainly rock of all varieties, some jazz, some vocalists.