Dynaudio packing Grill on or off

I am shipping some Dynaudio Contour 2.5 t's and in the original boxes, anyone know if the grills stay on or ship with them off?

For additional protection ship with grill on.
the grills are only for protection when shipping. Dynaudio recommends the grills off when playing
My C1's had the grills on when they were shipped.
If not mistaken Dynaudio voices its speakers with grills on..My dealer suggested leaving thme on while listening
Having owned many dynaudio speakers, I can tell you that they sound better with the grills off. However, the soft dome tweeters are pushed in easily. If you are going to handle them ,are having a party or have small children .....I would leave them on.
Not always..My C4s sounded more coherent with grills on