Dynaudio or Wison?

I have full Levinson gear #33's, #32, #39 all cable is Transparent. I am looking for a good speaker to match up. I have auditioned Wilson Watt puppy 6 and also the Dynaudio Confidence 5 (Really liked the sound of the Dynaudio incredible speakers!). However I need to keep it kind of conservative right now because of room size 20'w 11'd. I will be giving up condo living shortly running out of room very quickly. I have heard that JM Lab Utopia, Wilson Maxx, Dynaudio Evidence (Temptation) are all good choices but yet to audition any of these. Just looking for some direction.
The Dynaudio Temptations are some of my favorite speakers but I feel that Wilson has a better synergy with Levinson. The Maxx's powered by the 33's is a fantastic combination as are the Tempations powered by Krell 650mc's.
The WATT/Puppy 6 is being replaced by the W/P 7 this month. The W/P 7 is a complete redesign. Suggest you wait a few weeks then audition it.
Have extensive experience with your speaker choices here. The Wilsons really like bigger rooms (is your's a closed in rectangle?...or open?) for easiest set-up placement(however set-up is critical with ANY SPEAKER in ANY ROOM!!)I think you can get easier results with the Confidence 5's in that room. Also, the Wilsons really need tubes somewhere in the system. I know the Confidence 5's like solid state, which you have.
If it comes down to it, the Dyn's will sound best with your room/gear in my oppinion.
In passing, it's funny how people continue to buy equipment before the speakers!!!...should be other way around really...but there you are.
I would try to cut a tradeup deal with your dealer if you are buying new. That way you can choose speakers that fit your current living space, and get full credit towards others when you make a move, under reasonable parameters of course. I'm sure you'll find many hiend dealers willing to countenance such an arrangement.
Hi, RJR:

First, read the article I just posted above about value in high-end audio. Then, with an open mind, audition the Vandersteen Model 5 speaker, which in my view is better than any of the speakers you are currently considering.