Dynaudio or Focal for my McIntosh system?

Hi guys, I've been assembling my system for a while now and this winter I'll finally be able to make the final upgrade: speakers.

Right now I'm running the following

VPI Scout 1.1 w/ Dynavector 10x5
McIntosh C712 preamp (1993)
McIntosh MC7150 amp (1992, 150wpc solid-state, autoformers)
JBL L80T (obviously about to be replaced)

My Interconnects are a mix of Morrow M1 VPI's tonearm cable, and Wireworld Luna 7.

I've auditioned Focal Aria 926 and 948. I liked them both but I wanted the bass of the 948 with the size of the 926, so naturally I'm leaning towards the 936.

I've also auditioned the Dynaudio X34, Focus 260, and Focus 340. The 340 was my favorite but I'm worried about whether or not my amp could power them. The showroom used a 35wpc Line Magnetic tube amp that sounded great, but I know tubes work differently and with the efficiency of the Focus series I'm worried about my MC7150.

The 260 sounded good but the particular dealer I went to didn't really give me a chance to have a good listen, so I'm going to a different dealer tomorrow to look at them more closely. I spent a good bit of time with the X34, and while I loved the detail and soundstage, I hated how little low register was there.

I'm really interested in the X38 because of how it may fill in that low end, but there's not a single Dynaudio dealer around that has them.

Overall I liked the sound of the Dynaudio's I heard, but I dig the bass and efficiency of the focals (not to mention the price tag). I can get some discounts on the focus series, but they still are more expensive than the focals.

The only reason I'm not set on the Dynaudio 340's is my amp power and my room. I'm in a large bedroom right now (I go to school full time, so when I come home for summer/holidays my bedroom is my listening room). The room size is fine, but the way the walls go there's not a lot of workable wall space, which means I've had to run my system diagonal out of a corner with the stack directly in the corner and the speakers forward L/R of the stack. Because of room space (namely a bed) my listening couch is about 9 feet away from my speakers which are in turn about one foot away from the rear walls.

I really love deep impactful bass and dynamics so I'm leaning towards the Dynaudio 340, x38 or Focal 936. I know the porting on these speakers is different, but are any of them going to sound good in these conditions? Also more importantly can my amp drive the big Dynaudios or should I forget about the 340's all together?

I would really appreciate any insight you may have into this. I feel like these dealers have these million dollar sound treatments in these rooms and I want to make sure that what I hear there can (at least partially) happen in my space.