Dynaudio On-Wall

Recently looking for high-quality On-Wall speaker as my main in bed-room.

I know Dynaudio has Audience 42 SAT (closed box) and Audience 42 W (front ported). Any comments on them? I know Dyna also has Contour S R, how's about it then? thanks.
How much listening do you do in the bedroom and at what times? When you do listen, are you in a seated position, are you sitting up in bed, ... you get the idea. Do you dose off soon after you start listening, only listen for short periods of time, or is the bedroom where you do most of your listening? The answers to these questions would guide how much I would spend on bedroom speakers.

Everything that I have read about Dynaudio suggests the more room behind the speaker the better.

What equipment are you using with the speakers?

Best regards,

I had the 42W and SR in the past. The SR required power to make them sing. If you have low power amp, the 42W is the best bet.
Hi Rich, from your questions, realize you are an experience audiophiler. As my living room will become AV-Centric, my bed room becomes more important for my music system.

Hi Lamcam, Seems Audience series is out of production from Dyna as it disappeared. Will keep my eye on 42W. Hope to see soon.

BTW, any good used market website available, I will need them to ship overseas. Thanks.
Where overseas are you moving to?

Also, do you want an amp with or without a volume control?


No, I'm not in US. I mean I need them to ship outside from U.S. I believe I'll go for int. amp.