Dynaudio - Made in China vs Denmark


    I  recently Purchased a new pair of Dynaudios. The floor model I auditioned were 'Made in Denmark' but the pair which was shipped out by the dealer was 'Made in China'. They are still boxed. Whats should I do:

1. Swap with the showroom floor model (they were probably a yr or 2 old)

2. Unbox and use my 'Made in china' pair ?

My main concern here is the quality of the product from China. Resale values.

Anyone with experience please chime in. 



It works for me, although truth be told at the time I purchased my Node I was not thinking at all about the country of manufacture.

But since the Ukraine war I am making an effort to not purchase anything that can in any way benefit the communist party of any country, where there are alternatives.  I figure the CP gets their share from the sale of every product manufactured in their country.

And in my humble opinion we're heading for a showdown.


Bluesound is a division of Lenbrook Industries Limited in Canada, but the BS brand products are manufactured in China.

When I was selling used dynaudio speakers, people from China were most interested in them

I've been kind of speaker shopping.  The first thing on my list is not MIC.  As someone mentioned, they are not a civilized country to buy from.  Between their complete disregard of intellectual property rights and outright theft of them.  I was involved with a phono stage project where we had the design nailed but needed a manufacturer.  Got a lot of great advice as we ran around CES talking to a bunch of companies we were sent to.  First words out of many mouths was that many companies over there will run your product for 8 ours a day, then ren a repackaged variant of it for another 8.  I try not to buy from them 

Wow! China is not a civilized country?

Please, check this video at 1:50 minutes.