Dynaudio M3XE

Hello All,
Can you please help?
I am expanding my audio collection and where I am not an expert I do appreciate high quality equipment.
A friend of mine loves his audio equipment and his enthusiasm is rubbing off on me.
He is looking to cast off some items.
He has the above speakers but they are not in the best shape.
He has informed me one of the speakers is missing a tweeter and the woofers may need re-foaming.
He has told me they are amazing speakers and having done my own research they appear to be special.
However, how much approximately would it cost to complete the repairs and what is a fair price considering their condition.
Any help is appreciated

Dynaudio esotar tweeters and bass drivers ,midrange are not cheap. You can buy them from shops which sells audio equiments for cars.Refoaming is cheaper way.Probably you can get refoam kits from DIY shops or ebay like part express or madisound.

This is an old post but the only one on Audiogon mentioning the Dynaudio M3XE, which I am also considering, so I thought I’d see how things went.