Dynaudio HT - Confidence Series.

Has anybody auditioned a Dynaudio HT system using the C-4's as fronts, c-2's for rears and the confidence center. This would be for either a dedicated HT or a HT/2 channel cross over.

Which amps/processor would you use or have you seen used?
I have a sytem with Temptations in the front, C-4's in back and the Confidence center. Superb sound with imaging, soundstaging and a seamless field.

David Shapiro
WOW, C'4s for rears? That could be a felony in some states, C'2 is only a misdemeanor here in Missouri.

I just unpacked a pair of 72SE yesterday. Break-in is underway, I report back later.
I use a C2/Conf center/C1/C1 surround system. I love it. I was going to upgrade to Ev Temps, but decided that my room would not do these spectacular speakers justice -- so I am waiting. I drive them with a Lexicon MC-12B and and ATI 3007.

Cheapskate that I am, i buy everything used. I'm looking for an evidence center. Then I'll be done....For now.
To all posting above - what amp & pre/pro's are you using?

David - nice system!

Hi All,
My prepro is a Theata Casablanca 2, currntly being upgraded to a 3. My 2 and 6-channel pre is an EMM Labs Switchman. My front amp is a Boulder 2060, and the center and rears are run by a BAT VK-6200.