Dynaudio Heritage Special or Gershman Studio 2??

Hi you all dear audiophiles🤗

I’m hoping you could help me out with my dilemma, providing needed insights about these two speakers that would help me choose which one would be a better choice for my next speaker. I’d to move to a smaller apartment, so my floorstanders are on sale.

I’m living in Scandinavia I do not have even slightest opportunity to hear Gershman speakers therefore your input is highly appreciated.

Dynaudio Heritage Special I’ve easy access and already agreed to have home demo with them. But if you’ve had an opportunity to hear the both of them please give your impressions how they compare🤗😁
But after reading a few of great reviews about Gershman speakers, now I’m torned what I should do, and I really hope you guys are able help me out with.

My amplifier is Lyngdorf Millenium IV that a Chief Engineer of Lyngdorf tuned according to my specifications (spended two weeks for tuning), all I can say it’s totally different animal compared to the original version of Lyngdorf Millennium IV, in so many areas, especially in dynamics and lower frequency area.

Also I’ll be using Jorma Design speaker cables for selected speakers. Jorma cables are the most organic sounding cables IMHO.

I love organic-live sound, tone with a slight amount of warmness never hurt, and I’m not a fan of cold and bright sounding metal tweeters either. My friend has Tekton Double Impact speakers that have a very good midrange, but these speakers does not have, foot-tapping effect, for me. And too big for my space.

Actually I’m after speakers that has real soul and musicality such as Franco Srblin Accordo speakers, but with a little mor scale and ooomph factor🤗🤓

About my music taste; I like to listen all type of genres, but usually I prefer good vocals, jazz and blues albums.

Thank you all in advance for your time and valuable input to this matter🤗👍

I'm sorry I don't have a direct answer to your comparison question, but I'm curious what brands you have available, locally, to audition? Are you in Denmark? I know that Amphion is a decent Finnish company and that Harbeth sells in Scandinavia. (How about Tannoy? Spendor?)

$7k is a lot for bookshelves and your desire to hear other speakers in that range is a good instinct. 

What else is in that range and available, locally? 
I’m living in Finland. I’ve a very good access to Dynaudio, Dali, Amphion, Genelec, B&W, KEF, Focal, etc. I’m a very lucky audiophile who has friends who are either audio dealers or distributors or manufacturers in here, Scandinavia.
Occasionally I’ve had a great opportunity to do also pre-testing for some of Hi-Fi products even before they’re commercially launched.
So, this part is a pretty well covered. I’m an open-minded audiophile, who understands that everyone can have their own preference and opinion, no judgement here🤗👍
Now I’m in search of my first pair of standmount speakers, as I’ve always had floorstanders, so this is kinda a new journey for me, hunting a perfect set (for me) standmounters that’ll satisfy my needs and requirements (organic and musical). So, quality over quantity will matter in my case🤗😁

Gershman speakers really caught my sudden attention and therefore I thought it’d never hurt to ask guidance from dear audiogoners who might already have experience with their speakers, especially with their Studio 2 model.
How seamlessly the different frequencies are integrated together; if someone could describe their pros and cons, equipment matching, soundstage, imaging, musicality,etc.

I really like a sound of Franco Serblin Accordo speakers, with a right setup they can sound fabulous, very organic and musical, but lacks a little bit of scale and bass, e.g. comparing to Dynaudio Heritage Special. A half year ago I almost pulled a trigger to get Raidho D1.1, but thought it'd be better not to rush things.

hilde45, feel welcome to share your experiences and opinions🤗😁
First of all, I love Finland and have spent a lot of really wonderful weeks in Helsinki. It’s a musical town.

My experience with Dynaudio is limited to newer Evoke series speakers and also the Special 40. I liked the Evoke 20s better than the 10’s and both better than their small tower, the Evoke 30s. I didn’t think the 40s were worth the money.

Other than that, I have not listened to more expensive Dyns or Focals, so cannot really comment. I’m intrigued to hear Harbeth, and from all I’ve read, I’d be much more likely to invest money in those or Joseph Audios. I have Salk SS6M stand mounts and love them. I’m intrigued at speakers with AMT tweeters in them; they were a bit bright in my room, but they’d be something I’d hunt for. Properly implemented, they would give nice air and crisp highs. Wharfedale is distributed in Finland, in Helsinki: https://www.audelec.fi/epages/audelec.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/2015040801/Categories/Wharfedale

Maybe that’s a start! Please update us!
I got the Dynaudio Contour 20i recently, coming from a B&W 805 (year 2001).

Since you dislike cold/too bright tweeters, I guess you’ll appreciate the sweetness of the Dynaudio Esotar3 tweeter. It’s the same mounted on the Heritage Special.

Sweden is your neighbor. Have you considered Marten too? Just an idea. I have a sweet spot for Scandinavia...

Unfortunately I haven’t heard the Martens yet. I’m temped to listen to them. Hope to have an opportunity. Living close to Sweden, it’s probably easier for you to hear them.

The Parker Duo are more expensive. The Oscar Duo, more/less on the same price point of the Heritage model.

The Parker model mounts Accuton ceramic tweeter, the Oscar model the SB Acoustics ceramic tweeter.

I’ve read many times that the material of the tweeter isn’t synonym of harshness or sweetness per se. What counts is rather the whole speaker project (mainly the crossover).

It seems that a ceramic tweeter, despite being a rigid material, if used properly provides detailed highs without being harsh or fatiguing.
Hello, you might want to check this You Tube channel that has extensive reviews of Gershman Studio and Alta speakers, I think Alta Alyssa could be interesting for you in regard to tonality you look for. Also that have received very good reviews that you can find in the web.
I have Vienna Acoustics Mozart that also could fit the bill but they are towers. You might check other Vienna models as well but they dot offer higher end stand mounts. Of course the pairing with your ampli its a question mark....
I was just about to suggest Marten. Wonderful speakers. There are 3 range with the standmounts. The highest range is the Parker Duo, followed by Duke 2 and Oscar Duo. Check them out.

I own both Marten Duke 2 and Harbeth SHL5+. While both are great (the reason I keep both) the Marten plays at a higher league but in this hobby it’s usually down to personal preference. The Marten is a highly delicate sounding speaker, very detailed and nuanced with a smooth, airy and extended treble. They are very revealing too and will sound bright if the upstream components show brightness. 

The Dynaudio Heritage is supposed to be a wonderful speaker too. All these speakers at their respective price points ought to sound something special.

If only more of us were "dear" and adopted your wonderful attitude and approach. Nothing to add in regard to speaker selection other to advise not to shortchange the stands. Joe
Thanks, @ryder, for your input about Marten.

Good to know they are somehow revealing. I like smooth trebles – like @ijarvile.

I guess Pass Labs amps could be a good match for Marten. Do you agree? Sorry if I'm hijacking a little bit the thread.
No problem Marcoklobas. The treble of the Marten is surely very smooth and silky. I listen to a lot of piano and the notes just hang in the air. Very nice and illuminating. As with every high quality speaker, the Marten requires high quality partnering equipment. I initially used Naim pre/power on the Marten but they didn’t sound good with the speakers. I then started looking for a new amp and shortlisted Pass Labs INT-60 and Luxman L-590AXII to replace the Naim. I eventually settled with the Lux which really transformed the Marten. I’m quite sure the Pass Labs would sound equally great if not better than the Luxman.

Apart from the amps I also pay a lot of attention to cabling. The Marten revealed the differences with all changes made at the upstream. Very revealing (and good) speaker which can sound from good to great with proper optimization. The sonic character of the Marten is highly delicate and refined. Other speakers which initially sound smooth and refined may sound rough and unrefined when they are compared to the Marten.

Sorry, I got carried away.

I am going to recommend the KEF Reference 1. Even though they are slightly above the budget I think a dealer will deal. Plus, I have been told they have really good sales at KEF through the dealers. This is what I am waiting for. Another approach is the Dali Minuet special or SE which are $1800 usd. You might want to add a sub so I am going to recommend the KEF KF92 which is $2000 USD. This sub plays down to 11hz and has a wireless option for $199 usd. The advantage of the Dali minuets are they are meant be put close to the wall. Probably “6 away due to the unique bass port. Space is usually tight in apartments that is why I am recommending the wireless sub. This will give you lots of options in your new place and the cabinets are really good looking. So $4000 usd all in and you have an awesome sounding very flexible system. If you are in the Chicagoland area and want to experience this for yourself this Hifi store carries these options. https://holmaudio.com/
This exact setup is what I want for my home office. I may substitute the smaller KC62 subwoofer due to space constraints which will save me $500 usd which I can put toward the Rogue Sphinx integrated amp that would be the main hub unless I can swing a NAD M33. I hope this helps.