Dynaudio Gemini vs. Audience 60 or 70?

Has anybody listened to a pair of Geminis compared to Dynaudio Audience 60 or Audience 70? I'm considering the Madisound Gemini kit, priced about the same as an Audience 60. The 60 does not have quite enuf bottom for my taste, but I think the 70 would (haven't heard a 70 but a friend owns the Contour 1.8's which have the same configuration although of course they are a higher line). The Gemini has a bigger published cabinet volume than the 60 (the 60 must have an internal baffle or something) and more driver area, so I'm thinking it might have better bass. Am awfully reluctant to get the Geminis without hearing them, despite the glowing reviews posted by their owners. Have also been attracted to B&W 603s2 (yes I know totally different, yet I like their depth and warmth, go figure). Any opinions welcome.
I auditioned the Audience line. Listening both the 60's and 70's put a smile on my face. Can't explain why, it just happened. Sounds like folly to buy a speaker without at least seeing and hopefully hearing it in person. But in the end, I decided towers (I had KEF's) just weren't happening for me anymore. I bought ProAc Tablette 2000 Signatures. At the time it just felt right and a year later no regrets. So even though I liked the Audiences alot and almost bought into the whole Dynaudio accuracy pitch, in the end it was ProAc's rep for musicality that sold me. Read all you want, but go look, compare, touch and listen. Hang in there kd, don't be too hasty. When it feels right you'll know it.
Thanks RV for your thoughtful comments. After spending another hour or so with my friend's Dynaudios, I have ruled them out. Their high end and midrange are breathtaking, the low bass thumps the house's foundation, but low midrange-mid bass somehow gives tones a sense of being viewed on edge rather than a full meaty roundness--does that make sense? All edge and no body. I've spent hours listening to various Dynaudios and always come away with the same sense of being impressed, but missing something. One consideration--I think the Dynaudios I listened to were mostly powered by NAD amplifiers, which have always struck me as a little thin. Maybe I really want a "colored" sound, but if that is true so be it (my preamp is a British Fidelity 3B and I luvit). So far I still like the B&W DM603s best, despite their pretty noticeable coloration and boxiness on some vocals. At the store I compared the 603's to CDM7NT's--nearly twice the price--and overall still liked the 603's better overall. Satisfying in their own way. Still looking though.
KD, the way I evaluate speakers is play music with expressive content and see whether or not they can pull it off. For example, the last time I used Cowboy Junkies, Keith Jarrett Trio and Celilia Bartoli. In comparative listening, it's easier for me to hear whether, and by how much, the message is getting through. So I'm not really a 'technical' listener. But when magic happens, it's pretty obvious. Your comments about the B&W's are a little discouraging to me. I'd say you're on the right track to keep looking. Regardless, once you hit on something enjoyable, you'll get to re-experience your whole software collection. So don't worry, figuring out what really matters to you is a kind of journey. And just think, next time you'll do even better!