Dynaudio Focus XD 20 or tube amp / passive


I’d like to head from those who’ve heard / own active Dynaudio active book shelf XD 200 or XD 20 vs a tube amp and passive speakers. Thinking about upgrading my system to a simple/clean active bookshelf or a tube amp and passive Dynaudio book shelf. I’ve heard excellent feedback with the PrimaLuna amp ($2500) and a passive Dynaudio speaker ($2500) and I’m wondering if that same money $5000 would be better spent on the XD 20. I realize I don’t have control to change the sound with the active monitor but do I really need to? We are all prefer different sounds, just looking for some real world experiences.

Thank you.
Greetings,  I recently set up a new system that includes the Dynaudio 200XD.   It replaced a system that consisted of a NAS based music library,  Macbook Roon Core server, SOTM-SMS200 streamer,  Ayre USB DAC,  Ayre AX-7E amp,  Focal 1007BE's.  A very good system but as you can see plenty of equipment.    

My new Dynaudio system is NAS based music library, Macbook Roon Core server, Allo Digione streamer,  Dynaudio 200XD.   The Dynaudios are configured as master/slave with digital coax connection to the Allo and another between speakers.    

The sound is excellent and at least as good & likely better than the original system.  Much less equipment with much less space required.   

The Dynaudio system also brings more functionality with the Connect device,  Bluetooth and  wireless up to 24/96 via several inputs.  

I'm very happy and suggest you audition the Dynaudio's with a decent streaming solution,  you won't be disappointed. 
passive dynaudio sounds better with solid state ss amps .Many tube amps  don't have enough power to drive dynaudio speakers
Not familiar with the specs of the Special 40 but I use a Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP Integrated w/KT150's to drive my Focus 260's with excellent results.  I auditioned the Focus 160 w/ Plinius, Naim, Hegel, Octave and Primaluna and I preferred tubes.