Dynaudio Focus 360 - Thoughts/Experiences?

Looking into a possible upgrade from our Meadowlark Ospreys, and, among others, very interested in the 360s. Budget is limited to 4g/used market, so we can't consider much above the 360s in the Dynaudio family (WAF will not work with the likes of the Contour or Confidence models anyway). It has been advised by more than one audiophile that Dynaudio generally proves good synergy w/ SimAudio power? Access to an audition is difficult, as we do not have a dealer within a 5 hr. drive of us, so we must rely largely on research and perhaps an audition opportunity when traveling. Appreciate your thoughts and experiences ~
A couple of months ago I was at a Dyn dealer to audition a pair of Confidence C1s. In the same room was a pair of Focus 360s. They were powered by T&A pre/ power and cd. The T&A setup has a rather taut presentation with a solid control. To my ears the 360s were a bit bloated. Of course I was comparing them to the C1s at the time. I spent about an hour with the C1 and only about 15 minutes with the 360s.
My personal recommendation would be to look for a used pair of Contour 3.4. In the past I had a pair of the 1.4s driven by Simaudio W5; a very good match. Has your wife seen a pair of the Contour 3.4s in person. They have narrower footprint and may be easier to integrate in the room from a design perspective.
*Addendum: Correction of course - 4k, not 4 "grams." Sorry for the typo!

Valinar: Thanks very much for your thoughts. Strangely enough, it was a visit some time ago to a St. Louis audio shop that we too had an opportunity to hear a pair of Contours - 3.4. Simply stunning to my ears - well balanced presentation, transparent, wonderful staging. Finally understood what all the fuss was about w/ the esotec tweeters. This was also paired with a T&A power plant. My wife, however, shut it down due to aesthetics. Didn't care for the "modern" look, and wanted something more traditional. Thus, some of the interest in the 360s, though again, have not had an opportunity to see or hear.
The Focus 360 is a unique speaker in that it is part of the Focus line but uses the "Esotar" tweeter that is used in the Contour 5.4's and Confidence products, so it is crossover speaker you might say. I think what Valinar may have experienced at that same dealer was a pair of 360's with very few hours on them. The 360 is incredibly revealing, even more so than the 3.4 which is very well balanced but more forgiving of lesser electronics and recordings. Set up properly the 360 will astound you with a huge soundstage and dynamics but amazing detail.
Stricken - As for placement, could you suggest a general optimum from rear/side surfaces? These are rear-ported, yes? Our dedicated listening room is approx. 25'x15' w/ the lay-out unfortunately restricting speakers/sweet spot to long walls, limiting listening distance. Seemed to have dialed in placement for the Ospreys quite nicely, but curious how adaptable the 360s are. Lastly (knowing this is comparing apples to oranges here), do you have any experience with Meadowlarks and could offer a comparison? Thank you ~
They are rear ported so you will need a little distance behind them, typically with the 360 you will want to start with about 20 inches from the rear of the speaker, and this of course depends on other bounderies. I would start with the speaker 20 inches out from the wall,speakers 7 feet apart with no toe in and the seated position about 10 feet back. You can play from there. You will notice immediately the 360s have a larger presence, more slam and faster attack than the Meadowlarks, the 360's will also be more revealing due to the Esotar 2 tweeter that is employed.
I went to the Dynaudio net site to check out the Focus 360 specs and saw the Consequence Ultimate Edition. That thing is a monster!