Dynaudio Focus 340 and too many choices

I own a pair of Dynaudio Focus 340 and I need help to match it with the right electronics. The quest seems to be simple, three dimensional soundstage, live bass, natural tones, rich voices. Well, it's all but simple. As many of us did, I've tried different electronics trying to fulfill my needs; linn DS source and amp, Audio Research pre and amp, Bryston amp and so on... Maybe the conclusion is to go out and listen more to live music and give up on audio system. But in fact, I enjoy coming back from work and take few minutes of good listening experience and try not to focus on the sound, but on the music. I would appreciate if you could give me some suggestions on electronics to make my Focus 340 shines and forget about the sound.


Hi chrfor, The Dynaudios need power to open up and sound great. I hope you like to play music fairly loud because having Dynaudios is as much about feeling the music as well as hearing it. I would highly recommend a tube based pre amp, partnered with a solid state amp at least 300 watts per channel into 4ohms. Dynaudios don’t like tube amps, so add tubes in the preamp section and you (and your speakers) will be very happy. I have Contour 3.0’s and I use Manley Labs for preamp and phono section, and McIntosh power amp with 350 watts per channel (even though speakers are rated at 200 watts!). This is a match made in heaven, and I have to slap myself to make sure its real when I listen. I could care less about going to see live music, any band I want to hear is in my listening room already. Once you get great electronics you will feel the same. Great speakers!


Matt M