Dynaudio Focus 220 vs 110 or 140's


Need some help. Due to logistics with kids, I'm downsizing from my favorite speaker I've heard to a bookshelf to free up some badly needed space and to avoid having the kids bang themselves into them.

I got the 220's a few years ago, and love the sound for music and movies. I'm a big fan of the Dynaudio sound, but I'm hoping to get some advice as to where to go from here. I'm considering the Focus 110 or the Focus 140, but have not heard either. The Sound Factor no longer has any stores where I can audition Dyn's, so I'm hoping for some insight from the A'gon community.

Any experience auditioning the 220's and comparing them to the 110's or 140's? Are there any other speakers to consider with this in mind?

I would put the Excite 32 or 36 on your list.
Hello. I auditioned both the 140's and 220 Mk II's in my home a couple years back. Sonics are very similar. The 220 Mk II's sounded a little fuller in my room but the room I had then was far from ideal, The 140's image really well and are easy to place in the room. I think if you get some really solid 24" stands, you will do very well with the 140's.

But since you mentioned other speakers to consider, I would look at the Silverline offerings. You should be able to pick a used SR17 cheaper than the 140, and it's easier to drive and IMO, a much more "musical" loudspeaker. Don't get me wrong - Dynaudio is great co. and makes great products, but I think Silverline has better execution, in terms of value and every day listening. Silverline finishes are drop dead gorgeous as well. I had a pair of SR12's and they were allot of fun to listen to - very musical, articulate, and excellent tone and tube friendly if you ever decide to go there, do to the linear 8 ohm impedance and higher sensitivity (between 87-90), where as Dynaudio is also linear but at 4ohm, 85-86 sens. Blessings to you and have fun!
The 220 has a fuller sound and of course greater bass.

The 140 is superb all around with better imaging and a tighter sound. In a smaller room I prefer the 140. It's very similar to the 220 in overall presentation.

The 110 has less bass and disappears better than the 140.

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I really like the 140 as well. One thought is how close your speakers will need to be to the rear wall - Dyns like some space. A similar speaker but voiced slightly differently is the Totem model 1. The Totems are slightly more forgiving of modest amplification but will also shine with high quality electronics, and a very good choice for jazz, vocals and chamber music. I think the 140's can do these genres as well, but also handle rock with ruthless honesty - assuming you have the necessary power.