Dynaudio Focus 140 upgrade / Tube amp questions.

Hi everyone.  Finally started experimenting with tube amps the last two years and found a Line Magnetic 34ia integrated that mated well with Totem Forest floorstanders / REL T9i.  Took a chance on some local Dyn Focus 140 bookshelves and have been overwhelmed by the great system synergy between this “low efficiency” speaker and the modest 40w x 2 tube amplification.   In my small office (15x11 ft) setup, the LM/Dyn/REL (with Oppo 105 front end), the staging, imaging, tone, and in room presence has been fantastic.  Switching to Gold Lion KT77s and signal tubes just made everything better.   Paired the Dyns with my existing Plinius 9200 integrated (200w x 2) and while it was great sounding, it was nowhere near the same.  The tube system just seemed more “alive”.   I’ve been impressed enough to start considering upgrading the Focus 140s.   Looking at the Dyn Special 40, Contour 20 or even a (used) C1.  Any A’goners with experience in using tube amplifiers with these specific speakers?  How much of a step up would any of these be?   FYI, I listen primarily to female vocals, acoustic in CD/XRCD/SACD.  


@benj273 I have heard a number of Dyna’s paired with any of the Octave amps and they are stunning. My local dealer has the Confidence as well as the Contour and the Octave amps are so so good. I own the Octave V70 Class A with the Spatial M3 Sapphires. If I wasn’t so happy with the pairing I’d probably go for either the Confidence or Contours.

Glad to hear.  I’ve heard about the Octave/Dyn pairing as well.  Which speaker do you think matches up better with tube electronics, the Contour 20 or C1?  Thanks. 

@benj273 I think you can’t go wrong with either the Contours or the C1’s. Great speakers and any of the Octaves will make them sing.