Dynaudio Excite X12 v Triangle Comete v ?

I'm setting up a second system that will likely be driven by a Virtue amp. I'm looking for a set of monitors that image well and are fun to listen to. I've been doing a bunch of reading and am looking most seriously at these two as options. Anyone heard both or have a particular liking for one?

Source will mostly be lossless digital files although they will probably get rotated in on my main system on occasion.

I'd also consider some smaller footprint floorstanders. I'd like to keep it under $1500.

While they might be easier to drive than most Dyns, the Excite X12s are easy to drive. I did'nt feel like I got the best out of them with a Naim Nait 5i. I think that the Virtue amp would struggle. The Triangles would be much easier to drive.
I also feel like I should throw the Proacs (it seems like there are a few in my price range) in. They might also play nicely with my Leben integrated.
Sorry. I meant to write that the Dyn X12s are NOT that easy to drive! You might want to check out Silverline Audio. Either the Minuet or Prelude would be a nice match, and they're well under $1500.
No experience with the Dynaudios, but highly recommend the Triangle Comete's, as long as your room is not too large.

Great imaging, balanced treble and midrange voicing and, even a surprising bass presentation with the right setup. (probably bass overtones, as they're only rated to 55Hz) They're very efficient (Comete ES = 91dB), and I've even driven them with 15 watts/ch T-amps, although Ayre AX-7E (60 watts/ch) or current setup of DAC straight into Rowland 102 amp really lets them sing.

If you audition, be sure they've had a very long burn-in, and proper room placement.

Good luck!