Dynaudio Excite X12 4ohms

I am just now getting back into Audio for the home. I sold all of my old Gear to start Racing cars professionally.

Preface: Last System
Mark Levinson Series 3 Amps
IP6 Magnepans
among a bunch of other Power Management and Higher end CD/DVD/LD Gear

So I have been handed down a Pioneer Elite VSX35TX (bi-ampable Front). This Receiver has a Setting for 6ohm-16ohm Speaker or 8-16ohm Speaker's. I really like the Sound of the Dynaudio Excite X12's as a Starting Point. The Question is I know "car Audio" amps can handle the lower impedance. But From my experience with Home Audio specifically Home Audio receiver's. They Don't like having the "low impedance" speakers. The Excite X12's are a 4OHM Speaker System. I am Hoping that When I talk to the local Dealer they will tell me they are bi-ampable and each speaker is 8ohm paralleled. But am I over thinking this? Are Home Audio Receiver's more forgiving then I am remembering? If they are that touchy what other Speaker's would you all recommend? I am also interested in the Totem Rainmakers, Nola Boxer's and Possibly the monitor Audio RX6 (Although I don't have a local dealer that has them on display to listen to)

Thank you in advance.

If I recall correctly the X12's are a little closer to 6 ohm than 4. As far as bi-amping ALL Dyns only have have a single set of binding posts
Thank you. I will have to go measure them before I purchase them. I read up last night that they are not bi-ampable. Not a worry since I like they way they sound. Luckily I just found my old Parasound 100W amp so I think i'll be OK.
Parasound is Dead. Looks like something got into it when I was down in AZ and Chewed up some component's. Any Idea about the impedance issue on Receiver's? Or any Idea on a $1000.00 to $1500.00 Bookshelf / Floorstander that will benefit the Elite?
The best thing would be to audition any pair of speakers with your actual amp.

I like Dynaudio but have to recommend the ATC SCM11s. A bit of a beast to drive cause of the low sensitivity, but a uniquely real, natural sound that is unrivalled at the price.
Interesting! I need to Find an ATC Dealer Between Portland/Seattle.
Reach out to John at Hawthorne Stereo in Seattle; they have the entire Entry range.
Will do! Thank you for the Advice. I happen to be heading up there this weekend and Will take a look!
I think the Dynaudios would work fine with your Pioneer Elite. Sure, they might sound even better with some other amps, but it's a good starting point to get back into things. BTW, I live in Seattle too and check out Hawthorne every once in awhile. I've gotten some great used gear from there and have turned several people on to their speakers and electronics.

You could also get your Parasound fixed and it would be a great match for the Dynaudios.
Much Appreciated. I found a Local Seller getting rid of a Set of Monitor Audio RS6's. I am going to go check them out. Now Off to the soldering iron and electric shop (Garage) to fix the Parasound. I have a bunch of Birch and a Wood shop to build my Subs. Image Dynamics ID10's 1 passive radiator 1 powered (8Ohm). That was the orignal idea for the Parasound. To use as power for my Poor Mans fix for a sub