Dynaudio Excite Vs. Focus....

How is the Excite line of Dynaudio Speakers different than the Focus line? What are the differences in sound? Is focus better than the Excite line noticeably? Thanks for any insight....Brian.

I'm comparing the Excite X 12 and Focus 110.
Hello.This question was covered recently.A general search should bring up the previous post,which is identicle to your question.Good luck.
Freediver, true, but this question has NOT been covered for the new line of Focus and Excite loudspeakers which are currently coming out of Denmark. THIS is the question which should be up for discussion. For example, a discussion of how the Excite x14 compares to the Focus 160 is what would be of interest here.

I hope some insightful responses are posted.
As an ex Dyn owner I can honestly say as you move up the line there is a level of performance increase. Not earthshattering but it is there. Maybe the point of diminishing returns but every little bit adds up. Is it worth it to you? That's a decision you have to make. If you like the Dyn house sound (not hard to like IMO) they ALL are a bargain. I said I'm an ex Dyn owner. I had the C1's and C1 Signatures. To beat that that sound I had to go to a speaker that retails for 44K plus. 5 X the cost. To me they are a lot better in many ways (except cost vs performance). But there are some manufacturers that may cost a bit bit less that may suit your preferences. It's a personal thing.

BTW all but the the Focus XD series is or will shortly be discontinued. Something to think about if price is or isn't no object (if you know what I mean).
Xti16, please explain what you have heard about discontinued Dyna lines. Will there only be Focus active speakers in the Focus line?
Yes I found out on avs website (Dyn owners thread). Otto J is a factory rep
Being a factory rep he isn't saying much other than a lot of new products. BTW I was also ONLY referring to Focus line but IMO the Contour line has been very long on the tooth.
Many thanks for the info, Xt. I recently auditioned the Focus 260 and 340 and loved them. But if you are spending that amount of money, you can move up to the Contours. Possibly a reason for lower Focus sales? I wonder...
Lowrider Dyn says sales are slow and maybe they are but IMO the Focus line up was an excellent value in the Dyn line up. I have a gut feeling they are going to come out with many new products too quickly which could really kill re-sale values.

As a side note they just announced the new Emit line at the DM price levels.
Look at the discontinued models
I mean look at the confidence - they replaced the MKII/Signature with the Platinum. At least there was an improvement with the MKII over originals but only cosmetic when they released the Platinum (for 1.5K over the MKII and 1K over the signature).
Xt, this is interesting and disturbing news.
I see that the change in Confidence was cosmetic and the new Emit line seems like an addition, and not a new entry level based on this statement...it is "comprised of loudspeakers with relatively modest price points."

After doing some reading, I also feel that they are going to make many new additions, especially since the Chinese will be calling the shots. It will not be business as usual.

I knew Dyn was sold to a Chinese company, but this standard press release warns me of a future where only the top tier speakers remain built in Denmark, plus the Chinese management will not know how to market high-end audio to the US.
After talking with Mick at Axpona earlier this year he was pleased with the partnership. The new owner was extremely impressed with the efficiency that Dynaudio had which is why he bought into the company. He planned on learning how they are so efficient and bring that back to Goertek but leave the design and production in Denmark. The new owner has stated (he lives in San Francisco) that a made in China label will kill the Dyn name.

In my personal opinion they may start manufacturing some low end cabinets and possibly stands in China (gasp). That said my C1 and C1 Sig cabinets were very very nice. But in all honestly they don't hold a candle to my Raidho cabinets which are made in China.

BTW the Xeo wireless hub was assembled in China even before the new owner and the new connect is also assembled there.