Dynaudio Evoke's - Removing the front rings to access Speaker

Does anyone know how to get these out?  You can't pry them off as there is no space.  they also aren't a pliable rubber material to lift the edge and pop them out.  Sticking a screwdriver in and trying to try it out will destroy the edge.  



Dynaudio said there is double sided tape, in there and to peel off slowly.  They won't answer my question though in terms of how to get the ring away from the baffle without damaging the baffle.  

Thanks for sharing, I'm still waiting to hear back from Dynaudio about the same question and will assume I get the same answer. My only thought now is that you could find an adhesive more robust than the double-sided tape they are using, stick it to the ring attached to some kind of handle and pull straight out enough to hopefully then get a plastic pry tool or similar under the ring to then slowly remove the piece. 

What's making you want to do this? I'm curious. I personally have a pair of the light wood Evoke 30s and they are already yellowing after less than 2 years. I was considering refinishing mine.