Dynaudio Evidence Platinum or Consequence UE

I own the latest Dynaudio Evidence Platinum, and am considering trading them in for a pair of Consequence UE. Is this a bad move? I want to know thoughts from people who have heard both. Don't worry about what amps I have, or what the size of my room is. I can accommodate either speaker. I already know the obvious which is the Consequence UE plays deeper. I owned the original Consequence almost 15yrs ago and have owned almost all of Dynaudios top speakers of the past. The Evidence Platinum is a great speaker, but on paper seems inferior to the Consequence UE, and even the Evidence Masters. There isnt much hype on the Consequence UE.
Twilo-thanks for the info, but I don't chat on any other forums. Ill take a look though

Im sure both speakers would sound good to me, and I would like one or the other better depending on the mood Im in. I wish I could have both

When it comes down to it, I don't really like the glossy woods Dynaudio uses with all their speakers now.

Any Evidence Master owners have any input?
O holter- I use to own the Consequence a long time ago. I am not concerned about getting enough power to them.

Well, I would be. I think enough good power is a key to get the best from these speakers. Just my 2 kroner.