Dynaudio Evidence Platinum or Consequence UE

I own the latest Dynaudio Evidence Platinum, and am considering trading them in for a pair of Consequence UE. Is this a bad move? I want to know thoughts from people who have heard both. Don't worry about what amps I have, or what the size of my room is. I can accommodate either speaker. I already know the obvious which is the Consequence UE plays deeper. I owned the original Consequence almost 15yrs ago and have owned almost all of Dynaudios top speakers of the past. The Evidence Platinum is a great speaker, but on paper seems inferior to the Consequence UE, and even the Evidence Masters. There isnt much hype on the Consequence UE.
The C5s were not forward sounding at all. Im a little hesitant on the Consequence UE, as I prefer laid back and a more forgiving sound. I preferred the S25 over C1 mainly because of the bass, and looks. The Evidence Platinum does not lack bass, and is a good looking speaker.
I'm not sure how many pairs of Consequence UE were made Wenge and sold in the USA but I thought my dealer said his were special order (I could be wrong). I mention that only because after he sold his pair I've seen the UE's for sale right here on Agon at least 3 times in Wenge (well 4 times now).
Never seen a pair of Evidence Platinums sold. Did see a few Temptations and a couple of Masters. But they are much older design.

Like I've stated and also 'my personal opinion' the UE's will go a bit deeper in the bass and be 'punchier'. But with that will be a more forward mids and highs. In some ways I like the UE better but to me they can also sound more fatiguing in the long run.

Hey - why not have both??? LOL
Twilo-thanks for the info, but I don't chat on any other forums. Ill take a look though

Im sure both speakers would sound good to me, and I would like one or the other better depending on the mood Im in. I wish I could have both

When it comes down to it, I don't really like the glossy woods Dynaudio uses with all their speakers now.

Any Evidence Master owners have any input?
O holter- I use to own the Consequence a long time ago. I am not concerned about getting enough power to them.

Well, I would be. I think enough good power is a key to get the best from these speakers. Just my 2 kroner.