Dynaudio Evidence Platinum or Consequence UE

I own the latest Dynaudio Evidence Platinum, and am considering trading them in for a pair of Consequence UE. Is this a bad move? I want to know thoughts from people who have heard both. Don't worry about what amps I have, or what the size of my room is. I can accommodate either speaker. I already know the obvious which is the Consequence UE plays deeper. I owned the original Consequence almost 15yrs ago and have owned almost all of Dynaudios top speakers of the past. The Evidence Platinum is a great speaker, but on paper seems inferior to the Consequence UE, and even the Evidence Masters. There isnt much hype on the Consequence UE.
Since you're familiar with the Dyn line-up the Consequence UE is a specialty speaker IMO. Much like the S25 and Sapphire except the top of the line for that type of speaker. Very punchy and more forward than the typical Dyn sound. The Evidence Platinum is a more 'laid back' sound.

That said and my personal opinion is when I first heard the Sapphire and Consequence I thought WOW I love that speaker. But after an hour or so all I wanted to do was turn it down. I never heard the original Consequence so I can't compare it to the UE's. I would try and listen to them before deciding.
Souljasmooth may i ask whats wrong with Platinums? i hope its not becuz of the specs...didnt heard the speakers but i guess Evidence Platinum is the best Dynaudio has to offer in terms of rafined sound...but everything is subjective in this sport...
Raindog031-Nothing is wrong with the Platinums. The Evidence Platinum is suppose to be Dynaudios flagship speaker, but on paper the Consequence UE, and even the Evidence Master is better. Im not much of a specs kinda guy, but sometimes it makes you wonder why the specs are better on another speaker from the same manufacturer, but yet they are considered an inferior design. I do like the looks of the Consequence UE better than the Evidence Platinums, which plays a small role in my curiousness. These two speakers kind of remind me of the S25 vs. the C1, but on a much larger scale. I preferred the S25 slightly over the C1.
I do like the looks of the Consequence UE better than the Evidence Platinums, which plays a small role in my curiousness. These two speakers kind of remind me of the S25 vs. the C1, but on a much larger scale. I preferred the S25 slightly over the C1
You will most likely favor the Consequence UE then. Me personally preferred the C1
Xti16-It was a tough decision between those two speakers. But overall It came down to the extra bass and the looks of the S25. I cannot stand the looks of the C1, C2, and C4s. They just look weird to me. Sound wise, I think either speaker would work for me depending on the mood. I really like the looks of the Consequence UE, the fact that they play much deeper, and it has that rare dome midrange that Dynaudio doesn't use in any of their designs anymore. But, the Evidence Platinum are suppose to be the best Dynaudio speaker to date, and I don't want to give anything up on them either. Thats why I started this thread, hoping that someone has some inside info on these two speakers.
I guess neither one of these speakers are very popular. Anyone at least listen to them at a show or something? What about comparing the two to the Evidence Master?
I wouldn't say they are not popular but you are comparing 2 very large and expensive speakers. Either speaker is too big for my room. I have heard both and will say the Consequence UE goes deeper and is punchier than the Evidence Platinum's. Just like the S25 vs C1 but on a much larger scale. The Consequence will be less forgiving with poor recording where the Evidence is more polite and forgiving. Since you preferred the S25 I would guess you would also prefer the Consequence.
One thing about the Consequence - they need lots of power to really come alive. I had a Krell FPB600 and it wasn't enough (!). I think this is the case with the UE also.
Xit16-Do the Consequence UE do anything better than the Evidence in the midrange? I was a huge fan of their dome midrange driver in the original Consequence and the Confidence 5. How are the dual Esotar tweeter vs 1 Esotar tweeter and 1 Esotar super tweeter? The Evidence has plenty of bass for me, so I am not concerned about the bottom end.

O holter- I use to own the Consequence a long time ago. I am not concerned about getting enough power to them.
Xti16-Have you heard the Evidence Masters? What do you think about them compared to the Evidence Platinums?
Souljasmooth - No never heard the Masters or Temptations. As far as the mid range in the Consequence UE to me it is more forward sounding which is not my cup of tea. Again to me I'd prefer a piano note over a voice or an acoustical guitar with the Consequence UE but prefer vocals and acoustical guitar with the Platinum's. As far as the highs Evdience Platinum's are more forgiving. I can't say this enough These Are MY PERSONAL OPINIONS. Just like I'm not a fan of the S25's there were thousands sold and very few are for sale. Some folks love them.
Last year our local dealer has presentantion of analogue master tapes from LUTZ-Precision. There was also presented the latest dynaudio evidence. Later when someone asked to switch to consequence ue which were also standing in the room it was for the whole ensemble clear which one is the better speaker. In my eyes consequence ue is the best loudspeaker ever made by dynaudio. The amps from electrocompaniet like nemo or nada aw400 are very good suitable to drive this excelent speaker. If you liked the old dynaudios like c5 you will probably love the c ue, and never look back for the whole new series.
The C5s were not forward sounding at all. Im a little hesitant on the Consequence UE, as I prefer laid back and a more forgiving sound. I preferred the S25 over C1 mainly because of the bass, and looks. The Evidence Platinum does not lack bass, and is a good looking speaker.
I'm not sure how many pairs of Consequence UE were made Wenge and sold in the USA but I thought my dealer said his were special order (I could be wrong). I mention that only because after he sold his pair I've seen the UE's for sale right here on Agon at least 3 times in Wenge (well 4 times now).
Never seen a pair of Evidence Platinums sold. Did see a few Temptations and a couple of Masters. But they are much older design.

Like I've stated and also 'my personal opinion' the UE's will go a bit deeper in the bass and be 'punchier'. But with that will be a more forward mids and highs. In some ways I like the UE better but to me they can also sound more fatiguing in the long run.

Hey - why not have both??? LOL
Twilo-thanks for the info, but I don't chat on any other forums. Ill take a look though

Im sure both speakers would sound good to me, and I would like one or the other better depending on the mood Im in. I wish I could have both

When it comes down to it, I don't really like the glossy woods Dynaudio uses with all their speakers now.

Any Evidence Master owners have any input?
O holter- I use to own the Consequence a long time ago. I am not concerned about getting enough power to them.

Well, I would be. I think enough good power is a key to get the best from these speakers. Just my 2 kroner.