Dynaudio Evidence Master and Evidence Temptation

Hi, any opinions on these Dynaudio speakers.
I have owned the Temptations and remember them as an exceptionally satisfing experience. However, I was not pleased with them unless they had big tubes amps to drive them. We listened to them with EL 34's and 6c35's, but in my opinion are a great match for 6550 based tube amps.
With this combination, they excelled at every aspect of the frequency spectrum, exhibiting punchy defined bass, and dynamic contrasts without losing micro detail or high frequency extention.
I sold them last fall to try the newest Kharma 1DDE's, which arrived this month and are going through a break in
phase, so any comparison at this time is premature.
You can't go wrong with a well set up Temptation system.
I never had the pleasure of owning the Masters.
they sound pretty good, especially good for large dynamic contrasts when power with the right juice. but the image height is unusually tall. i never could get used to the musicans being suspended in the air. like they were standing on a 2-3' stage that i couldn't see.
I heard the Dynaudio Evidence Master speakers at the CES show in 2001. They were being played on an all Levinson system. The amps were the 33H.
I heard the Evidence Temptation at the Stereophile show in 2002 in NY. I heard them on an all Gryphon system.
Both speakers sounded incredible. They both have this layered midrange which is awesome. They both sounded very smooth with an unbelievable soundstage.
The main difference I felt was the bass.
The Dynaudio Evidence Master had a better bass response then the Evidence Temptation speakers.
The Evidence Master had a better bass extention.