Dynaudio Emit 10 vs. Evoke 10

I currently have a pair of Dynaudio Emit 10 speakers on solid stands with a tube amp in a small room. They sound quite nice as set up. I’m confident my tube amp can contribute more to better sound than the Emits reveal. Does anyone know if the next model up, the Evoke 10, is a noticeable upgrade or only a slightly better version of the Emits?
Why not try out a pair from Crutchfield they give you a generous 60 day return policy.
That is an option. I was trying to get feedback from owners before going to the trouble and possible return. It's there if I need it.
Understood, but nobody has your ears and knows exactly what you like. Having owned Emit 20 once myself I recall it’s a fine speaker.
the Evokes cost almost 2 x the Emits, is it worth it?,
Depends 😂 
The only difference Dynaudio specs is the tweeter,moving up to one with the newest coating process.At twice the asking price I would venture to assume crossover components have been upgraded as well as internal bracing,something Dyn is known to do as you climb the ladder.I have owned Dynaudio Audience 42,Audience 52 & 52SE & lastly Excite X14..What I noticed as I moved up was in the bass,easier to drive,better controlled & sweeter tone through the midbass..
 Is there a certain aspect of their performance you want to change?If it's simply upgrade for the sake of upgrading I would wait & save until I could get into a pair of Special 40's which are,IMO,one of the great deals in audio & a world class speaker..
Thank freediver for that info. The bass has nice punch but could be a little deeper and tighter, and the bass is a little softer as compared to the highs. The midrange a little recessed with vocals. Generally they seem a bit closed in and boxy, but I’m nit picking a budget speaker. The previous generation Excite x14 seems comparable to the Emit 10 in size, looks and performance.

The special 40s do seem quite nice but $3500 is too much for me.