Dynaudio customer service ignoring me

Has anyone else tried ordering directly from Dynaudio?  I'm trying to order woofers directly from them as they're they OEM and no one else sells an equivalent speaker. I've been trying to get these for almost a year now and start off communicating pretty consistently.. Then I gave them the thumbs up to move forward and crickets!  I've called both sales guys, left voicemails, emails etc.  I got one random response about 3 months ago just saying supply chain issues etc.  I'm about to spend thousands of $ here and get zero attention.  

Is this a common complaint among Dynaudio and their sales support?


A little history, FWIW. Many years ago Dynaudio was selling drivers to the general public. At the same time they were selling their own speakers. They discovered that a lot of speaker designers/makers were using their drivers, quite successfully and had become competitive to their own brand. They stopped selling drivers to folks who hadn't developed a relationship (license ?") with them. Things might have changed since then. I' don't know. They might have changed their policy (but I doubt it). 

You can find a woofer from another company that would do the same work. Less of a difference in similar quality transducers than you think.

Dynaudio makes their own drivers. They are very high quality. I would not substitute them for another brand. I seem to remember Madisound would exchange drivers only a while back. I don't know if they still do that or not.

I wonder if the customer service reps were either slimmed down or are ambivalent since Dynaudio sold to the Chinese? 

Damn guys, how did I miss Dynaudio selling out to the Chinese? That truly sucks!  I’ve got a pair of Danish Consequence Ultimate Editions that I better take care of.  Guess that is also the answer to the OP… Chinese ownership = cost cutting.  The first to go will be customer service.  The next step will be all the lower priced products made in China, and then the Dynaudio driver and crossover designs will be directly copied and produced under other labels - and of course made as quickly and cheaply as possible.  😞