Dynaudio Contours or Monitor Audio for HT

Set up is EAD Powermaster 100 and EAD TM Encore. Would like to upgrade speakers and thinking of Dynaudio T2.5 front, T2.1 Centre and 1.3 MkII surround or MA GR60 front, GR Centre and GR 10 surround. Movies more important than music as have a separate sytem for that.

I love Dynaudio, and have the Contours (3.0) for my dual-purpose system, and heartily recommend them. However, they really like to be driven, so you need fairly beefy amplification to get the best out of them. The 2.5's may be somewhat easier to drive than the 3.0's, but you'll want a minimum of 100 hefty watts (ie, doubling into 4 ohms and again into 2 ohms).

I've never used Monitor speakers, but they certainly have a great reputation. They quite possibly would be a better choice of a HT-only system if they're easier to drive, not to mention if they're somewhat cheaper.

I too love the Dynaudio's for my dual system. I thought the Monitors sounded harsher when I recently checked them out, the Dyn midrange and treble are much smoother and more natural. I am using Contour 1.8 MkII fronts and a Countour Center, my surrounds are Audience 42W's in the white finish that I painted to blend with the walls. I am driving them with an Adcom 7400. I liked the 1.8's and the Contour center better than the T series speakers, which I thought had a little extra emphasis in the mid bass region. Then again, my system is 75% music and 25% movie, so my emphasis is different. I agree with Kthomas in that you want good power to drive them, the 100W I have is the bare minimum, I want 150 to 200 W, as I sometimes clip the adcom when things get out of hand.
Wow, I have almost the same system, I'm using the dynaudio 1.8's up front with the center and the 42's on stands in the rear! Absolutely wonderful for both music and movies. Comparing them to my friends Monitor audio silver system, I would say the Contours are smoother, more natural, while the monitors are extremely fast, detailed and a bit more exciting (warning: could get bright w/ the wrong room/gear). Both are great choices but since you have a separate music system, I would recommend monitor audio. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge dynaudio fan, it's a better all around system, but the monitor audio's speed makes it one of the best choices for movies. You also might want to consider stepping down to the GR20 and getting a good subwoofer.

What are you driving them with? How about cables? I'm always open to new ideas (under $500). I like the Nordost Solar Wind on the fronts and 2 Flat on the surrounds. I had Analysis Plus Oval 12 before, and it was a little laid back. Kimber 4TC was a little bright and bass shy. Cables make a difference as I need 6m due to some location oddities. The Solar Winds went nicely into little trenches I routed in the floor before laying hardwood.
I'm using the HK sig pro/amp combo. It gets the job done well enough 100x5 or 150 into 4, but i'd like to step up to somthing in the 300+ watts/channel neighborhood and see what the dyn's can really do. I'd say my system is on the laid back side, which I like, it doesn't over emphasize any part of the audio spectrum. Just good honest music. I never really spent much time debating over cables, way too hard for me to judge, everytime i'd change the cd i would have a different opinion- the speakers, amp and the recording seem to play a bigger role in the overall sound IMO. Hope that helps-