Dynaudio Contour vs. Confidence

Does anyone have any experience comparing these two lines from Dynaudio? I currently have the Contour 3.0's in a medium sized room (13x18). I love the Dynaudio sound, and am curious as to what the Confidence series brings to the table. The Contours are well reviewed, but the Confidence line hasn't seemed to received a review anywhere that I can find.

I'm also curious as to the differences in performance between the Confidence 3 and the Confidence 5. Would the 3 work better in my room size? Would the 5 have an over-powering amount of bass? How much diffence in amplification would one want to have? I'm not too keen on getting a high-powered amp that heats the whole room.

Basically, I'd appreciate any comments, comparison or otherwise. -Kirk

I had the Contour 3.3's and sold them for the Confidence 5's.....The 5 is a much superior speaker to the Contour 3.0 or 3.3....it has much better definition, detail and dynamics...the bass will not be as noticeable, since it is much better controlled...you will not be overwhelmed with bass.....you will, however, need more power to drive the 5's since they are less efficient since they are not ported and utilize the compound woofer....the 5 will have more bass than the 3 and if you like the amount of bass you have with the Contour 3.0 you would be happier with the 5's....
My purchase decision came down to the Contour 3.3 and Confidence 5. The Contour is a great speaker, but the Confidence 5 is in a totally different class. If you compare them with good amplification, the soundstage, treble extension and imaging of the Confidence 5 is clearly superior. The Confidence is designed ( according to Dynaudio) to perform best when spaced 6-8 feet apart, and is very tolerant of placement close to rear and side walls. Mine are spaced a little over 7 feet apart with cabinets 22" from the side wall and 9.5"from the rear wall. They sit in a 12x17 room, with Classe' CAM-350s as amplification and they sound great.
The confidenc 5 is incredible and its bass is so tight and defined that even in a small room it will never sound overpowering or muddled, the best speakers i have ever heard, so thats why i just got a pair. A must have, if you have the money for em. - Ian
I sold my 3.3 after listening to the Confidence 5, much much better than any of the contour series.
Do the 3.3 and 5 share the same tweeter?

Just curious, do the confidence 5 speakers dissappear like Audio Physic Virgos when set up properly? And is the soundstage low because the tweeter is mounted in the middle?

Thanks for the excellent hands-on advice - of course, you've put me in an bad situation now, having to raise the money, convince the wife, etc., but it's really great to know that it'll be well worth it. -Kirk
You should not experiment any problem in the low frequencies with the Confidence 5. Note that this speaker has a wonderful dome midrange that you don't even find on the Evidence... and this is where the music is. The sound is rich and bring a lot of delails (integrated in the music).