Dynaudio Contour SR as surrounds?

Has anyone tried this? I am looking for a very high quality pair on smallish on wall mounted speakers and found these on Dynaudio's website. Not familiar with Dynaudio and would appreciate comments on theses speakers as well any other brand or model. Not wanting a dipole as music is foremost to me.
all speakers used in surrounds in my opinion should have a low range of 25hz to 30 hz because there is no standard when the audio is mixed and information can be lost. for example Diana Krall her piano comes out the rear speakers
and her voice out the fronts,so if you don't have good speakers in the rear it will sound like an echo
4425, You can't go wrong with those speakers. I have a full Dynaudio (Confidence/Contour) system. They can handle lots of power and almost never break with regard to sound quality. How large is ur room? and What's the rest of ur system consist of? Forgive me if u already know this, but Dyanaudio is never edgy or bright.But yet, very detailed and well balanced. I use Theta Casablanca III/Balanced Audio Technology Vk6200 Amp in my system. Good luck.
I'm considering these as well. Just bought the confidence center and stepping up to the C4's later this year and I wan't to upgrade my Sat42's to something better in the rear. I have several SACD and various recordings in 5.1 etc and my sat 42's do get quite a workout. I wish Dynaudio made an on wall type C1 model for confidence series. Will the Contour S R hold up against an otherwise confidence setup?

I would consider putting C1's in the rear, but they are quite deep, which would look a bit clumpsy in my setup.