Dynaudio Contour S3.4 users: sub required?

Hello --

A question for owners of this speaker... I have Contour 1.3SEs at the moment, but a sub is required for true full-range listening (for my purposes, I need to hear everything from 50hz down to 20hz, which is hard with just the 1.3SEs alone).

Do any of you with the S3.4s feel the need for a sub? Is 20Hz represented, at least in part? I realize they are only rated to 35hz.

although in-room response may better the 35hz(with presumely some roll-off)I doubt it will fulfill your stated needs.my c4's reach mid-twenties hz at best.
I currently own the dyaudio 1.3 se and have moved up to a more powerful Amp. this speaker can provide deep enough bass with the right equip. I did have the Sim audio w-3 amp 150w and now have the Musical fidelity 350w amp. big bass difference. I think a sub would ruin the sound unless it was used strictly for home theatre.
another option would be for the price of a sub you could move up to the special 25 which provide more bass and the same great sound as the 1.3se.
You probably have long since resolved this issue, but just in case...

I have owned the 3.4's for approx. 3 years now in a dedicated two channel system. I have never really felt that anything was missing in the low end with these speakers. Did you ever move to a pair of 3.4's and have you tried them with a sub?
Not to hijack this thread but I have to respectfully disagree with Bradpaton's opinion in that a sub should strictly be limited to HT. My PMC speakers which utilize Dynaudio drivers are rated at 35Hz but needed a sub to really dig the deep bass notes. No matter how powerful the amp is, the 1.3SE's(as with other small standmounts) are missing out some low bass and it's inevitable with those small drivers. I cannot say for failures in integrating a sub to the mains in 2-channel but if get it right you should be amply rewarded.

Try high-passsing the speakers if you sub allows it. I ran in this configuration and it was successful. Prior to high-passing my speakers, I like you failed numerous times in integrating the sub to the mains when running the speakers full-range, and you are right that it did ruined the sound quite a bit. Others might have better luck though but not in my case.
Well, I use a pair of Dynaudio subs (500) with my Evidence Temptations.

So, as far as I'm concerned, even these 'full-range' speakers don't really cut it at the very bottom end. I like my kick drums to not only have snap, but also the trailing fullness to sound realistic. And the subs provide this 'wholeness' to the kick drums that is otherwise missing.
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