Dynaudio Contour S3.4 or Dynaudio Focus 360?

I am upgrading from Dynaudio Focus 220's and choosing between the 3.4's or 360's. I am using a Plinius 9100 and its power is a factor to be considered. I don't plan on upgrading my amp. I like the "smooth" sound of the 3.4's and enjoy the "complete" sound of the 360's.
Have you heard the confidence c1? I believe the price difference is a little more than the 3.4 but depending upon your room size and type of music you listen to, I think you should seriously consider the c1s too.
I was wondering the same thing as Louie.

Assuming the room is big enough to handle both, which is the better speaker? Or, in other words, why would the 3.4 sound more smooth than the 360? The Focus has an esotar tweeter, the 3.4 has the inferior esotec.

Has anyone heard both in the same system?
The Confidence C-1 is an incredible speaker, really one of the best stand mount speakers ever. The 3.4's and 360's are also exceptional and will give you the extra bottom end and output that a stand mount can't give even one as capable as the C-1. Between the 3.4 and 360, well it is tough but here it is: The 3.4 is a very balanced speaker, has a better cabinet construction than the 360 and is better suited to a medium sized room. The 360 has a very well built cabinet, much of what you expect from the Danes, just not quite to the 3.4 level. However the 360 has more low frequency capability due to the 2 eight inch bass drivers and more output as well. The Esotar tweeter in the 360 is more revealing than the Esotec tweeter in the 3.4 and subsequently can sound agressive on poor recordings but is very rewarding on good recordings. I have heard both in the same system and I prefer the 360 overall.
I am considering replacing my current amp and speakers. By chance I found a dealer with NAD and Dynaudio, contemplating the Focus 360's and a C375BEE. Any thought's on this combo? I am concerned with the "perceived" reliability issues of NAD although reviews on the 375BEE are excellent. Is this a good combo? research tells me it is very popular in Europe. By the way, he is offering a wonderful deal to boot! Thanks for the input.
No,you need real juice real power to drive Dynaudio.My opion this is not very good combo.What i noticed is -people ,who own Nad and Dynaudio combos, tends to sell Dynaudio sooner or later.I bought countor s1.4 from the guy who was using Nad gear.
I lived with and loved my 3.4s for about 6 years, they are great speakers. Recently traded them on a pair of Sophia 3s, they are better, but considering the price difference the 3.4s are amazing.
Actually I got the NAD C375BEE and matched it to the Von Schweikert VR 2's I was complaining about ... no more complaints! Forget Dynaudio, VS' 2's are kicking butt!!! Everything is back, I see no reason to trade them, in fact, now it is all about tweeks!! Just upgraded cables to Audioquest G Snakes from Escient server to NAD and what a differenece!looking at more tweeks right now, happy with results so far!!!