Dynaudio Contour S3.4 - looking for a match


Currently have Dynaudio Contour S3.4's driven by KRC/FPB series Krell pre/power. The sound is fine and detailed but I am looking for something smaller that doesn't run quite so hot, prob an integrated. Anyone tried Dyn's with the Jeff Rowland Concerto integrated yet? Also, understand that Conrad Johnson have a new Premier series integrated SS coming out. Any feedback on CJ solid state matching with Dyns or the Rowland Concerto would be great. Am asking as I cannot really audition.
Short list the Plinius 9200 and the PS Audio GCC-250
You should check out the Simaudio I-7 or the I-5.3. The Sims match quite nicely with the Dyns.

I have an i-7 paired to the 5.4 and it barely feels warm the the touch despite running them for hours on end. However, it is solid at ~60lbs.

Krell KAV 400Xi