Dynaudio Contour S3.4 LE & Ayre V-5Xe?

a’goners, any luck with this pairing: Dynaudio Contour S3.4 LE & Ayre V-5Xe?

In the past i’ve had good integration with Pass X250.5 and the original S3.4’s. Over time the system has changed and now I find myself considering the Ayre. I have read on numerous occasions that the Ayre tends to have a leaner presentation in the 20-200Hz (ie bass region).

I am concerned about the phase angle and nominal 4ohm impedance of the S3.4’s in that region, but electrically the Ayre should be able to deliver enough current, so it's probably not purely a question of horsepower, more like voicing. Also, not sure why less feedback would lead to less "slam", control, fullness, extension (pick your adjective) in the bass region.

The X250.5 was not a "0dB" feedback design (actually no transistor amp has absolutely 0 dB of feedback; there is always return through the common ground path) but it is also rated for higher continuous output power. I felt that the Pass/Dyn combo (driven by a Bat pre) had an organic, natural sound with superb treble structure. I don't want to spend over 4K on a power amp at this time (little kiddos, need to fund 529's...).

From measurements of the dyns:

"Yes, the specifi ed nominal impedance is 4ohm, justified by our measured minimum modulus of 3.9ohm, but well-controlled impedance phase angles mean that the minimum EPDR (equivalent peak dissipation resistance) dips to a minimum of 2.2ohm at 107Hz, about 0.5ohm higher than typical of modern floorstanders. The Contour S 3.4 LE thus presents a fairly easy amplifier load."

Thanks for your time.

I think the Pass Labs is a better match.

The Ayre should work as well but would have less body.

Just my 2 cents based on experience with the older Contour S 3.4.
krell fbp 600 or 700 cx should do trick in slam and fullness ,that what does krell kav500i to  contour s1.4le speakers .LE editions and new contour lines have improved bass reproduction over older S contours