Dynaudio Contour - anyone heard the new (Oct 2016) models yet?

Local audio dealer is hosting a demo night in a few weeks. Will attend and give them a listen.
Any one heard them yet?

Have owned and enjoyed Focus 340 speakers for a few years now, having upgraded from Excite 32’s originally.
Wondering if the Contour 30 --which is the same cabinet height as the 340-- would sound like a move up, even though it’s a move from 3-way to 2-way.(?) With the right drivers I suppose it could.

The new Contour 60 could be more comparable, but it’s a taller cabinet and in my room bigger speakers are not the direction I’d be trying to go.

My friend and dealer just heard the new Contour series in Dallas at CEDIA. Although I have Monitor Audio speakers for my mains, he insists the Contour 20's would be great as rears in my HT system. He swears the Contour 20's are better than the C1's. I've tried my friend's Focus 240's as surrounds and they worked fine, but I want the next level.