Dynaudio Contour 60 too much for 14x13x11 room?

As the subject states, I have a 14x13 (11' ceilings) room that I want to use for a pair of Contour 60s. I don't mind if it gets loud, I'm just wondering whether the room size will have a detrimental impact on the sound. Any advice in response is appreciated.


I think most folks would say yes, too large for a room that size. If you own them, try it out and see, but I definitely would not purchase those speakers without knowing for sure. I think the 20's or 30's would sound way, way better.

Thanks, bojack. The room turns out to be 16.5 x 14. In any event, I have a huge dropout somewhere between 200-60 hz (I have a pair of Contour 20s, and a pair of Rel S/510s). I have Levinson 585 and I find that I have to go to 50% to get any decent volume and/or bass. I have the 510s turned up nearly half way. 

If you have a huge drop out between 60-200hz, you don’t need larger speakers, you need room acoustics.