Dynaudio Contour 30 vs Confidence C2 comparisons

Hey all, first time poster long time browser.

I currently own Dynaudio C1 platinum for the L/R fronts (midsized room), and I'm looking to get a bit fuller sound top to bottom from the larger floor standing models... ie the C2 or Contour 30. I have no means to audition either, but I know I absolutely love my C1s. Just interested in any opinions from people that have heard either/both of these models. I THINK I know what to expect with the C2, but with the contour line being remade and bumped up in price has me intrigued. I absolutely love the clean looks of the Contour 30, but I worry I'd be taking a step back from Confidence. I also have been hearing murmuring of an updated confidence line, which I'm sure (if indeed that is the case) will be priced even higher, way out of my budget.

ANY honest opinions (or facts for that matter) are welcomed and thanks in advance!

If you are looking for a speaker that sounds as good as it looks,
check out Lawrence Audio Double Bass,I have those in my main system.

I have heard the Contour 30 and Focal Kanta in the same system.
The Focal has a somewhat more detailed but leaner sound.  Impressive speed and dynamics.  The Dyns were richer sounding with better bass.
Jmlm, would you care to delve into your thoughts on the kanta a bit more? Was it the kanta no. 2? I don't know much about focal other than they make use of beryllium tweeters since I've owned paradigm signature speakers with beryllium tweeters in the past. I think the kantas have a very unique look to them which strikes my eye in a good way lol
I believe it was Kanta 2.  Notes started and especially stopped with a speed that was noticeable.  The dealer remarked that this is similar to electrostats.  Lower mid range and upper bass were a little lean IMO , but this did contribute to a transparent and detailed character.  The Contours had a more even bass response and pressurized the room to a greater degree: although they probably need to be played louder and with more power to come alive than the Focals.

I didn't find the beryllium tweeter edgy or hard (which I've experienced before) but perhaps cooler and drier toned than the Dynaudio's.  More detail information, but whether this is more natural sounding than the Esotar will be a matter of personal preference and system matching.

That same visit I also compared the C1 to the Sopra 1 in another room.  Similar impressions, but the Sopra 1 had a level of refinement and ease that was VERY appealing.
 I would want to use a subwoofer with it, definitely more so than the C1.
I've somewhat changed my mind on the Contour 20's.  I did purchase a pair of Sonus Faber Olympia 1's over the C20's last year, but had the chance the past several months to use my brother's Dynaudios while he was in Europe.  In my system (Gryphon Diablo 120 amp) and in my 13' x 17' room on 4-post Sound Anchor stands they are incredible - much better than I remember when I compared them at Quintessence Audio in a larger room on Simaudio gear.  Bass is phenomenal - really powerful and defined.  They image like banshees and just bring out details without spotlighting.  The importance of room & system matching has really been made clear to me!