Dynaudio Contour 30 vs Confidence C2 comparisons

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I currently own Dynaudio C1 platinum for the L/R fronts (midsized room), and I'm looking to get a bit fuller sound top to bottom from the larger floor standing models... ie the C2 or Contour 30. I have no means to audition either, but I know I absolutely love my C1s. Just interested in any opinions from people that have heard either/both of these models. I THINK I know what to expect with the C2, but with the contour line being remade and bumped up in price has me intrigued. I absolutely love the clean looks of the Contour 30, but I worry I'd be taking a step back from Confidence. I also have been hearing murmuring of an updated confidence line, which I'm sure (if indeed that is the case) will be priced even higher, way out of my budget.

ANY honest opinions (or facts for that matter) are welcomed and thanks in advance!

I own the C30. Little over a year now. It’s been a while, about 5 or 6 years ago, I owned a pair of the original C1. Audio memory is nearly impossible but I will say that I do not believe the new Contour series gives up anything to the old Confidence C1 series. Obviously, the C30 has better bass than C1 but the treble and mid is just as good as what I remember of the C1. Imo, the C30 is a much better looking speaker. Regarding the C2, I have never heard one. Tough call, C30 vs C2 sonically but financially I’d take the C30 all day, new vs new price knowing the performance the C30 possesses. I betcha Munich 2018, next month, we be the unveiling of the new Confidence line ... maybe it hits US shores in the fall. Who knows.
Anybody that’s looking for the Dyn sound on this older thread may want to check out Silverline Audio Bolero supremes.
They are a 3way design utilizing all Dyn drivers but with simple single order crossovers and the are 8 ohm and 93db.

Used ones pop up for sale occasionally,that’s how I bought mine.

I dunno about the silverline audio bolero supremes.. they look awfully similar to some old school sony ss speakers that actually were legit, I just don't know about the looks anymore. These days, speaker manufacturers can make a loudspeaker functional AND beautiful :)
I’ve recently auditioned the C20’s and was left underwhelmed in the lows. To me the lows sounded flubby. I didn’t audition the C30 or C60 but have heard the C60 at Axpona last year. Personally I like the S40’s a lot better (I know that’s not what you’re looking for). I owned C1’s and later upgraded to the C1 sig’s. At one point I had an in home demo of the C2’s when I had the C1’s. The bass was a lot deeper but the reason I kept the C1’s is I personally didn’t care for the TALL sound stage. That said I have to say the C2’s would be a better choice IMO but they are a lot more expensive than even the C60’s.

Munich show is coming up and Dyn announced something new. Could it be a revamped Confidence??? Won’t know until the show.
Again this is my personal opinion. Also the C20’s I auditioned were the standard walnut finish. To me it looked like contact paper and not real wood. The optional finishes are really beautiful.

Another speaker I think is a lot better than the new Contours is the new Focal Kanta 2. To me I get the feeling Dynaudio is moving toward the old Focal sound and Focal is moving toward the old (better in my opinion) Dyn sound.
The silverline Bolero supremes use all A grade matched Dynaudio drivers in a better Implementation,Including much thicker cabinets that have proper curves inside to help prevent standing waves.

The crossovers use only 3 parts and need no Impedance correction circuit and they are a 8ohm load and 93db sensitivitie.Much easier to drive than any Dyn that I’ve ever owned or heard.

If you can find a pair on the used market like I did,they are a true bargain.