Dynaudio Contour 30 vs Confidence C2 comparisons

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I currently own Dynaudio C1 platinum for the L/R fronts (midsized room), and I'm looking to get a bit fuller sound top to bottom from the larger floor standing models... ie the C2 or Contour 30. I have no means to audition either, but I know I absolutely love my C1s. Just interested in any opinions from people that have heard either/both of these models. I THINK I know what to expect with the C2, but with the contour line being remade and bumped up in price has me intrigued. I absolutely love the clean looks of the Contour 30, but I worry I'd be taking a step back from Confidence. I also have been hearing murmuring of an updated confidence line, which I'm sure (if indeed that is the case) will be priced even higher, way out of my budget.

ANY honest opinions (or facts for that matter) are welcomed and thanks in advance!

I run dual paradigm sub 15s, but i prefer to listen to the C1s (for music) without any sub at all, believe it or not. The current room (I will likely be moving sometime this year) has enough bass response where its not really an issue GENERALLY speaking. I'm just missing that last bit of oomph and that's where I'd like a "fuller" range speaker. I realize the C4 is an incredible speaker, but its just too big. Not to mention 121 lbs per speaker is a bit to lug around during experimenting :p. Enter the C2 and Contour 30. As they say on their website, midsize room - midsize speaker :) Just curious if anyone has any first hand experience with the Contour 30? I honestly have no possible way of auditioning any dynaudio products. I bought my original C1 platinums "blind" so to speak, and I was completely blown away by their amazing sound.
I agree with you though missioncoonery.. not sure when the line will be updated, but when it does there should be plenty to choose from at considerable savings. I'm in no rush, but it never hurts to get a bit of research in and get your ducks in a row! :)
Thanks for the reply!
I owned the Contour S3.4 with upgraded Esotar2 tweeters. I believe the new Contour series is using the Esotar2 throughout the line which is great. I also understand the Confidence C1s are supposed to have outstanding bass for a monitor speaker.

So, if you really want a full-range speaker, I would jump to the Contour 60 if your budget will allow. I've never had great success integrating subs with speakers (even with a REL T9), and I don't think the 30s will deliver the bass response that is appreciably much better than the C1s. Then again, I like visceral bass that you can feel. My 2 cents.
Yup, been very impressed with the C1s in what they CAN do! As far as really deep, visceral bass that you can feel, I'll just turn on my subs :D (I just prefer not to)... I hear what you're saying on the Contour 60s likely giving me the bass I desire though: but again, those are not small speakers by any stretch of the imagination. At 119 lbs each that's a lot of gravity to move around. They're also a bit above my pay grade at the moment, unless of course a new buyer doesn't want them anymore and is willing to take a big hit! If I could ask for your 2 cents on the contour s3.4 austinbob, how did you feel they performed in the lower register for a wide variety of music? Thanks for the input, greatly appreciated!

Currently have a pair of 3.4le, room size in 5.5 by 4.5 meters room size. Don't find bass department lacking unless you're a bass head or you like pipe organ. A great amp - one with good current ability certainly helps. 
Hey! Scaf 00 what is your room size & rest of the chain?
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