Dynaudio Contour 3.0 recommend?

what are some of the past/present owners of these speakers think of the performance. how would they compare to others in this price range. the speakers would be matched w/ Pass X250 amp.
Well, the Dynaudio's were rated the speaker to beat for midrange in that price class by stereophile a bit ago. No experience with the Pass amp.
I own 3.0 with Plinius 100 MkII. I changed caps, from cheap solen/bennic caps to Hovland, plus added some silver internal wire. Crossover components are CHEAP, by audiophile standards for near $7K speakers. Clean sounding with deep, tight bass that CAN and WILL overpower the un-adequate (small) room where bass can be boomy, or highs harsh. I, still haven't settle on the pre-amp issue (ARC LS 16) Still, i love them! They sound teriffic, even without the "upgrades" i've done. If your room is too small, and on budget look for 1.8 mkII. Best of the scenarios: If you have good sized room and $$ go check Watt/Puppy 7, and you'll be done! But if you cannot afford them. You'll just get depressed! Trust me!
Old thread I know - but what would you qualify as a small room?

Looking at the 3.0's and a Moon W-5 or perhaps Plinius 100 MkIII
I use Dynaudio Contour 3.0s with a Bryston 3B-ST in a 12x16 room.
My room is 18x15 - should have posted that before.
Not sure the Pass would be great on the Dyns...too polite.