Dynaudio contour 2.8, 3.0, 3.3

Is there anyone that could tell me a bit more about these speakers? In the future I might want to upgrade my speakers and somehow I think I will like these Dynaudio's but I actually have no idea why. I never head any Dynaudio speakers.
At the moment I have Impulse Aria SE speakers its floor standing a 2.5way speaker. But I think they are the weak link now.
So I am looking for a speaker that can rock, but doesn't lose detail or intimacy when I play some quieter music like Heather Nova. The speaker I want must be able to kick and scream when I play some thrash metal, nut most also be able to convey emotion and intimacy when I play some singer songwriter.

I sit about 7 feet from my speaker and my speakers are about 5 feet apart. There is not much room to maneuver. The speaker stand about 10 feet from the rear wall (there is furniture between the wall and speaker) the right speaker is about 1 to 2 feet from the wall the other is about 5 feet from the side wall.

My amp is a Symphonic Line La Musica and I really live that amp, so that is going to stay.

Now will the Dynaudio work in those conditions? What is the better model, I heard some people say that the 2.8 was the best from that series, is that true? Or should I look for something different? Those Dynaudio models go for about €2000 to €3000 where I live that is also the max for. I have also been looking at monitor speakers like the a Verity, a Totem mani or a Dynaudio C1. But for those I will need a stand so it won't safe me any space or money, I don't know how good those monitors are.

Any help, advise is welcome.
Personally, I think the 2.8's are the winner. They are the reference series of the Contour line. The 3.0's and 3.3's have boomy bass. The 2.8's bass is very tight, too tight and subtle for some. Very accurate and linear.
I've had many models of Dynaudio speakers, though I have knowledge of your amp so I can't comment on how well they'd work together. Dynaudio speakers, especially the older models you refer to, want an amp with a lot of power and current.

I owned the 3.0's and I would not recommend them from a distance of 7 feet. The 2.8's are well regarded (haven't heard them myself) and have a higher quality tweeter than the 3.0 or 3.3. If you have access to a pair of 2.8's, my guess is that they would work well. Personally, even though it wouldn't save space or money, if you can swing the C1's, that would be my clear choice, and one that I think you'd find the most satisfying.
Hi Folks,
I own a pair of the Contour S5.4 speakers and love them. They have been in my system longer than any other component since I caught this infectious disease known as "high end audio". All kidding aside, they are very neutral speakers, with a flat impedance curve. Be aware than Dyn's in generally are somewhat revealing speakers in spite of the modest sensitivity ratings. The good news is that when you find gear with the personality you are looking for Dyn's will not tamper with that sonic signature.

I run mine with Rogue Audio M150 amps and Ninety-nine preamp and the combination is outstanding (IMHO).

I agree with Kthomas in that the C1's are a definate step up from the Contour line, I have listened to both lines side by side; admittedly that is the only way you will realize what you are missing in the contour line as the two are very close to one another in performance and signature and you need to hear them side by side in order to appreciate the difference...only you can decide if its worth the extra $$.

Best of Luck in your quest!

Thank you for the response. I was afraid I would never get an answer. I will have a look to see if I can find a 2nd hand pair of the C1. The C1 does have a high WAF factor so that should keep my girlfriend happy.